Is It Ok To Attach Things To My Windshield, Like A Phone Holder?

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Drivers who are accustomed to driving cars that have things attached on the windshield risk receiving substantial fines, because these things reduce the driver`s visibility as well as his/ her focus.  It is also true to have windshield replacement Strasburg offers if you have cracks or damage to the vehicle windshield to keep the view unobstructed.

So… no, it is not ok to have a phone holder or other accessories mounted on your windshield, no matter how discreet you think they are. Many states (almost 50% of them!) prohibit objects adhered to or suspended from the windshield, so make sure you check the legal provision specific to your location.

Some people are very bothered by these rules, because they believe that attaching things to their windshield is harmless. However, what they believe is not relevant, especially that in the event of an accident, these people may not be the only ones suffering the consequences of their ignorance of the law (which is NEVER an excuse for breaking the law!). When you drive, you must follow the rules of the road, it is simple as that.

If you are not sure about what fits into your state`s law, look for online resources. You can find many texts and infopraphics providing accurate and up-to-date information.


If My Windshield Has A Crack, Can It Just Fall Apart?

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Driving a car with a cracked windshield is illegal everywhere, although every state has its own sub-rules. The windshield is essential for the protection of the driver and the passengers, and cracks affect its integrity as well as your field of view.

Cracked windshields are a danger and should be repaired as soon as possible so that they do not cause further problems and accidents. Even the smallest crack will get worse from vibrations and temperature variations.

A crack on the windshield can block part of your vision while driving, especially if it is on the driver’s side. Instead, cracks on the passenger side can affect your field of view which helps you notice pedestrians, other cars or other potential dangers.

Although they do not seem so problematic, cracks can spread at any time if they are not repaired as quickly as possible. You may, while driving, face a crack right in your line of sight.

The windshield is a very important part of the vehicle’s structure. Damage to the windshield can compromise the structural integrity of the car, so there is another reason to deal with it immediately by connecting with the windshield replacement Watkins area professionals, before the problem escalates.

Are There Different Types Of Glass For Windshields?

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We live in a modern world, with all sorts of complicated choices. When it comes to our car, things are not necessarily simpler. The car is part of our daily routine, so it is normal to take care of it and be preoccupied about identifying the best components to install.

The windshield is a very important component of a car. Not only does it protect us from dust, insects or weather conditions, but it is also a very important safety factor. Therefore, the choice of the type of windshield proves to be essential.

Depending on the manufacturing technology, there are several types of glass for windshields.

  • Laminated windshields consist of two glass layers, between which there is a plastic foil. This type of glass is typical for windshields, although, for security reasons, there are also some car brands that use this type of glass for side or rear windows. If the laminated layers break, they still remain glued to the plastic film and thus do not become a danger to car passengers.
  • Security glass – this type of glass is obtained by a process of heating it, followed by a sudden cooling, at a controlled speed. In case of accidental breakage, this type of glass turns into small shards with blunt edges. In this way, it is much less likely to cause injuries to car passengers. Also, security glass has high mechanical strength (120 N/ mm2) and a superior thermal gradient resistance (180 ÷ 200 K).

For professional installation look to companies such as Front Range Windshield Pros for replacement as well as repair.

Does It Make Sense to Have A Chip in Your Windshield Repaired?

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A chip in your windshield, regardless how small, can turn into a crack very quickly, so yes, it makes perfect sense to have even the tiniest damage repaired as soon as you notice it. Here is why timely windshield repair is so important:

  • Exposure to the elements aggravates windshield damage – your windshield is one of the components of the car body that protect you from the sun, the rain, the wind, the snow as well as from the dust, stones and other debris coming from the road. The glass in your windshield is constantly exposed to the elements as well as to impact and such heavy exposure can make even the tiniest chip turn into a crack that is much more difficult or impossible to repair;


  • Obstructed view – any damage in the windshield might hinder visibility through the glass, especially if the chip or crack is right in front of the driver. Chips in the windshield also let more moisture into the cabin, causing the windshield to become foggy and potentially leading to dangerous situations;


How Do I Deal with My Insurance Company When It Comes to Getting My Windshield Replaced?

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A broken windshield is an issue that renders the car instantly undriveable and the replacement of the part can cost you up to a thousand dollars or, in the case of very complex windshields, even more. If you are currently faced with the issue, you are surely wondering whether you can use your insurance to cover for the costs. Well, whether or not your insurance company will cover for your shattered windshield depends entirely on your policy, so the first step is to check your policy.


If your policy does cover for windshield damage, the next step is to figure out whether your windshield needs to be replaced or repair is an option. As a general rule, if the windshield is dented in the driver’s line of sight or if the damage is larger than a dollar bill, windshield replacement Byers shops offer is the best option, while smaller blemishes can be corrected in a repair shop. If replacement is the only solution, you need to find out whether your policy covers only for aftermarket products (most policies do cover for these cheaper options) or only for OEM. If the policy includes only aftermarket, but you want OEM, you can decide to go for the more expensive option and cover for the price difference from your own pocket.

Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Replacement

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The windshield is among the most important components of your car’s body, the sheet of strong, special glass is what you and your passengers rely on for safety. Windshields are made from durable glass, but even so, they are among the car parts that are the most frequently replaced. Here are some important things to know before you get your windshield replaced:


  • The importance of professional replacement – modern windshields are more than just sheets of glass. Many of them feature sensors and other electronics that need to be connected to the car’s computer to make the car operational. When it comes to quality auto glass replacement Broomfield CO area it is a process that requires specialized knowledge and tools, so you should never attempt it on your own, what’s more, you need your glass to be replaced in a certified and licensed shop;


  • Quality levels – if you need windshield replacement, you can choose from aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass. While aftermarket products also use good quality glass and they can be a great choice for old and simple cars, sophisticated cars can only use OEM glass and that is the only type of windshield glass that most insurers accept in the case of a claim.

Factors That Affect Windshield Replacement’s Longevity

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The windshield plays an essential protective role on any car and it is also an expensive component, so if you have just had yours replaced, you surely want to know how long you can expect the replacement windshield to protect your car. Here are the factors that influence its longevity:

  • Road conditions – if you regularly drive your car on roads with lots of debris, your risks of getting your windshield broken are higher;
  • The condition of your wipers – damaged or bad quality can scratch your windshield, damaging it beyond repair;
  • Your door closing habits – we all slam the door of our car every now and then, most of the time without even noticing it. Every slamming causes the pressure inside the cabin to rise, thus weakening the windshield a little bit each time and shortening its lifespan;
  • Your car washing habits – the harsh chemicals found in many car washing products are harmful for windshields, especially the ones that have particles added for scrubbing. Very abrasive sponges and other tools with hard brittles can also scratch the surface of your windshield, requiring you to replace the glass prematurely;
  • Unrepaired damage – small chips or cracks can be easily repaired in specialized shops, but if they are neglected and they multiply, they can weaken the glass and cause it to break.  For quick and long lasting windshield replacement call on

What Happens If I Replace My Windshield And A Short Time Later I Get A New Chip?

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No matter how much care is provided to a car, its windshield can crack, either due to a little stone projected by another car, or as a result of a stronger impact or an accident. Whether you own a practical or luxury car, it is essential to repair promptly any small defects you notice on your windshield. The longer you postpone those repairs, the greater the subsequent investment you will have to make.  Do a search for windshield replacement near me in Byers for convenience.

Due to the special adhesives used for windshield installation, customers can leave the service by car, only one hour after the replacement. Clients of specialized services benefit from warranties for the service performed, the installation of the windshield and for the product itself.

If you replace your windshield and a short time later you get a new chip, you will have to take your car back to a service and identify the cause of the problem. It might be the impact with a stone projected by another car, but it might also be a consequence of a faulty windshield installation, in which case you will be able to use your warranty rights. For repairs or replacement of the windshield during the warranty period, you need the purchase invoice, the proof of installation in a specialized service and a written justification of the problem you claim.

Does Hot Weather Affect How Well A Windshield Replacement Adheres?

Does Sunshine Affect Auto Glass Installation

What are the key elements for a quality windshield replacement? – A qualified and professional auto glass Thornton technician, adequate adhesive, the right windshield and the warranty.

Regarding the adhesive, it is very important that the repair shop uses the adhesives recommended by the manufacturers and has technicians trained for their correct use and application.

Why is this aspect so important? One of the most common and also dangerous mistakes related to a windshield replacement is the use of the wrong adhesives. Materials such as sanitary silicone should definitely not be used. Butyl, which is a common sealant, is unfortunately quite often used instead of urethane, as a measure to reduce costs. Butyl is an inferior adhesive and it will not withstand more than 4.2 kg/ cm2. Not having enough resistance, it can break in case of an accident. If a car workshop uses butyl because it is cheaper, look for another service that uses urethane, a high quality adhesive that can support up to 40kg/ cm2 and can ensure your safety.

The outside temperature plays a certain role in outdoor windshield installation, because, although most urethanes can be used under a wide variety of temperatures and climatic conditions, there are still some limits under which the adhesive will cure.



Is It Better To Repair Chips Or Replace A Windshield?

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A windshield must meet many requirements. First of all, it must allow ideal visibility for the driver, to offer protection against wind, rain, insects and stones projected from the road by other vehicles. It must withstand many cleaning cycles as well as the action of the wipers. In winter, the windshield must withstand the warm air inside the car combined with the cold temperature outdoors. In addition, the approval regulations require the correct installation of the windshield and its replacement when necessary, in order to avoid problems that may cause accidents or personal injuries.

There are several types of cracks that may appear in a windshield, and some are easier to repair than others. For example, a star-shaped crack (a small, radial crack, starting from the point of impact), a target (circular damage caused by a round object) or partial target (the damage is not completely circular), a chip (a single coin-sized crack) or a pinch (the lack of a small piece of glass) – all of these can be easily repaired by windshield replacement Thornton area technician.

On the other hand, multiple cracks or very long cracks are harder or even impossible to repair, so if you  have something like this on your windshield, you should consult a technician who can tell you if the windshield can be repaired or not. Do not wait too long to do this, once you notice a chip or crack in your windshield. Most of the time cracks get bigger and, before you realize,  would have been a cheap repair will turn into an expensive replacement.