Is Mobile Windshield Replacement As Good As Going To A Shop?

Question Windshield Replacment Where Mobile or Shop

With the new technology of Windshield replacement, we feel that both Mobile service and In-Shop Service both have its pros and cons. Weather plays a huge part when getting your windshield replaced.

When taking your vehicle into a location you have an option to get your windshield replaced come rain or shine. some of the downfalls of this is that you don’t always get an appointment to work with your schedule, and depending on what types of materials (glue) your installer uses you may be sitting around for a while.

When doing a mobile installation you have the freedom of flexibility with the installer coming to you. Location and space is important for when installing a window so you want to make sure that if you are at work you park in a less populated area. Also, you want to make sure that is it not below 10 degrees or raining. Whatever works for your situation, call on the windshield replacement Strasburg professionals for best results.

Why Does It Cost More To Replace A Car Window Than A Windshield?

Why Windshield Replacement Not As Cheap As Car Window

Car windows are a mandatory requirement for all vehicle owners, regardless of their actual location. However, there is often a difference in the cost of car windows as compared to windshields. The first reason for this is that they are made from different materials.

Thus, rear windows are made from a different type of glass than windshields. Front windshields are typically made of laminated glass. The back windshield, on the other hand, is made from tempered glass, the type of glass that breaks into small pebbles. This can protect your family and other passengers from glass-related injuries and other unpleasant damages to their property.

Because the heater is located in the front part of your car, defrosting your rear and side windows can be a tricky issue. The solution that is typically used for this problem is the defrost grid that rear windows are usually equipped with. Because of that, the installation and replacement costs tend to be higher than those for front windshields, although you can still find cheap windshield replacement Thornton area and surrounding cities. The general conclusion is that rear windshields need some extra steps for their installation as compared to front windshields.

Vent windows, for instance, are more expensive than windshields because they are custom-made, not mass produced, like the windshields.

The Main Signs That It Might Be Time to Replace Your Windshields

windshield replacement mobile help

Having your windshield replaced can be a difficult and costly task. However, as many experts will agree, there are some cases in which you simply can’t ignore the problem, and you need to consider having your windshield replaced in its entirety:


  • First thing’s first: if your windshield is broken beyond repair or shattered completely, then you definitely have to replace it with a new one. The law no longer allows cars to be driven around without windshield, as some were back in the old days.
  • If the windshield is broken or cracked, but still intact, you will also have to replace it, since the crack could give in any time when you’re on a bumpy road. If the damage occurs when you’re overtaking another car, for instance, the shock and distraction it creates could lead to a fatal accident.
  • Chipped windows and windshields will not typically warrant a replacement. However, if the chip messes with your vision, then it can be considered a safety hazard while you’re driving, and there will definitely be repercussions if you’re stopped in traffic. It’s usually best to take the safer route and have your windshield replaced in such cases as well.  Calling on a mobile windshield replacement Broomfield technician is convenient and affordable.
  • Finally, if your windshield warranty expires, it’s typically a good idea to have your windshield replaced, so that a new warranty can come into effect once you do.

Car Insurance and Quick Fixes: Does Your Car Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

auto glass car insurance

The question of whether or not car insurance can cover windshield replacement is quite a common one. A lot of people ask this question, and for good reason. Windshields are notoriously difficult and expensive to replace, and in most cases, you won’t be able to do it as a basic, DIY project. As a result, you have to take your car to an auto repair specialist, and they will charge you a lot of money. If, however, your car insurance could cover the costs, then you’d be all set.


If you ask auto glass Northglenn CO insurance experts (as well as your own insurance company), they will tell you that car insurance does normally cover windshield replacement. However, not in all instances and not all the time. There are specific conditions that have to be fulfilled, before an insurance company can clear you for windshield replacement.


One of these requirements is that your windshield be damaged as a result of an accident that is not your fault. For instance, a tree branch might fall on your car while it’s parked outside, or a kid might throw a baseball into your windshield by mistake. Additionally, acts of vandalism and rocks or wild animals hitting your windshield while you’re driving will also be covered by most car insurance premiums. Typically, the insurance company will pay for almost any windshield replacement or other glass replacement if you have coverage. The deductible and coverage are the biggest factors in what the insurance company will pay.

Get Quality Windshield Service While You Work – The Benefits of Mobile Windshield Repair

If you’re a busy person and you don’t have the time to take your car to be serviced and have small issues like windshield cracks repaired, then you can opt for a mobile windshield repair service. These companies will help you out even while you’re busy working, taking care of the issue for you, so you don’t have to deal with the hazards of a damaged windshield or the hassle of taking your car to a remote location to be fixed.


The main issue here is that windshield repair or replacement can still be very necessary, even though it’s one of those things that most car owners tend to ignore or put off until a later date. However, not only is a damaged windshield unsightly, but it can also become a hazard when you drive through a windy or rainy area, or when you drive through areas of low visibility, where it can impair your ability to see as far away as you normally would.


A mobile Front Range Windshield Pros windshield repair service can prevent all those issues and get your windshield sorted out at a remarkably affordable cost. Convenience and hassle-free scheduling are two of the most important benefits of these types of repair services, along with the excellent workmanship and guarantees.

Factory vs. Aftermarket Windshields – Which One Should You Choose for Your Vehicle?

Factory Vs Aftermarket replacement windshields which to choose

Factory or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshields are typically considered to be the best choice when it comes to buying a new windshield after your old one was damaged. Since you can’t (legally) go around without a proper windshield, you will be forced to go out and buy either an OEM or an aftermarket windshield – the latter being manufactured by companies other than the original auto manufacturer associated with your car, or by the same manufacturer on a different production line.


The main issue here is that some experts argue that aftermarket windshields are no good, since they are not absolutely identical to the original windshield that your vehicle came with. However, there are many who suggest that there’s no need for the two items to be identical, and that as long as it fits properly and it’s built according to the adequate quality standards, an aftermarket windshield according to windshield replacement Byers professionals can still be an excellent choice for car owners who don’t have that much money at their disposal.


Although there isn’t a definite answer as to whether an aftermarket or OEM windshield is the best choice, since every car is ultimately different, it’s still a good idea to be cautious about buying an aftermarket windshield from any company you find on the internet. On the other hand, choosing OEM products will almost always be a safer and wiser choice, since they are built to replace the exact type of windshield that you may have lost.

Things to Know about Summer Windshield Replacement

Replacing Windshield In Heat Of Summer

If your windshield needs replacement because it has been shattered by a powerful impact or because it is pitted so badly that you can no longer feel safe driving the car, you must act immediately, taking your vehicle to reliable garage.

While the windshield replacement Northglenn area shop process is not very much affected by the weather or the season, especially if the garage that you take the car to is a heated facility and the mechanics work indoors, there are certain aspects that make the replacement easier when the weather is warm outside. In summer, you might find it easier to switch to a different vehicle. You might be lucky and your garage might be able to replace your windshield in a couple of hours, but in most cases, the repair takes quite a while. If your car is a complex model, with a windshield that can only be ordered directly from the factory and with lots of sensors in the windshield that need to be calibrated, the process might take even longer. You surely need some vehicle of transport while you are waiting for your new windshield and summer is a great time to try using your bike again. Walking is another healthy option to using the car all the time and probably an alternative that you would not try, had your car not been damaged.

What is Damage from Windshield Pitting

Does A Pitted Windshield Need Replaced or Repaired

Windshield pitting is the most common type of windshield damage. Caused by the impact generated when sand, smaller stones and other debris from the road hits the windshield at high speeds, pitting manifests itself in the form of small dents or by the appearance of sand or small stoned embedded in the glass of the windshield. The damage causes your windshield to reflect light differently, potentially leading to dangerous situation when the driver is temporarily blinded by the strong light coming from outside the car.

In most cases, windshield pitting does not happen overnight. Windshields are usually made from durable safety glass that can take a lot of beating, but prolonged exposure to the impact caused by road debris and other particles will eventually damage the glass. The small craters created by the debris will not only distort the light coming in through the windshield, but they will also weaken the glass and a weakened glass shatters much more easily when exposed to more serious impact, such as a large stone.

Many drivers neglect their pitted windshield if the damage is not right in front of them, thinking that it is still safe to drive with the deteriorated glass, as their vision is not directly obstructed. The truth is that pitting is a dangerous fault and requires immediate action, no matter where the damage is located on the windshield.

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Tips for Avoiding Windshield Recalibration Scams

Windshield Recalibration Done By A Professional

In the past, repairing or replacing windshields was a simple affair – the old windshield or what was left of it was removed, then the new glass was inserted and fastened and that was about it. The situation is very different today: modern windshields are more than just panes of special, resistant and durable safety glass, they are connected to various sensors, monitored by the car’s onboard computer, all of which need to be recalibrated for the computer to be able to see the new windshield.

One of the most common problems related to windshield recalibration is, in fact, not a scam, it is more an issue caused by lack of experience and knowledge on the side of the mechanic. The more complex the sensor system in the car, the more difficult it is to recalibrate the components to see the new glass. Poor recalibration might cause important safety systems in the car to malfunction or to process incorrect information. Many effects of poor recalibration are not instantly noticeable, meaning that you will not necessarily notice any problem when you are leaving the garage in your car.

The best way to avoid the problem is to take your car only to a Front Range Windshield Pros garage that has proven experience in sensor recalibration. Get recommendations for the dealership that sold you the car or that sells cars like yours – they will surely know which garage is trustworthy.

What Are the Tariffs on Windshield Glass?

Auto Glass Replacement Guidelines

Damage to your car’s windshield can be expensive to solve – while second-hand windshields, purchased from car junkyards can be cheap, if you want to buy a new windshield, that will cost you much more. Here are some of the options for new windshields:

  • Factory windshields – the most expensive type of windshield that you can buy for your car is a windshield offered by the manufacturer of your car. The solution is recommended if your car’s windshield is equipped with lots of special features, such as sensors and cameras that need to be configured to work properly;
  • Aftermarket windshields – a much cheaper solution that is not necessarily of lower quality than factory windshields, but can cause installation difficulties if the process involves lots of configuring work.

The rates practiced by body shops for windshield installation depend on the complexity of the process. The installation of simple windshields that consist only of the glass sheet costs less than the installation of complex windshields that display information or include the special, complex features mentioned above.  Some shops practice different rates depending on the location of the windshield to be replaced, charging less for windshield installed in the rear than for glass installed in front of the driver.  Find the best auto glass replacement Thornton CO company, to have your windshield installed.