Taking Care of Your Windshield: Are Windshield Chip Repairs Truly a Good Idea?

windshield chip repair replacement

Many consider that windshield chip repairs are a cheaper solution to the problem when your windshield is slightly damaged in an accident or as a result of a small pebble falling on your car as you drive on countryside roads. The issue, however, is whether the structural integrity of your windshield will still be good enough after it was cracked or chipped.


Of course, there are a lot of factors at play here. For instance, it’s one thing to drive around in a small electric car as you do your groceries a few times a week, and it’s a whole other thing if you transport your high powered Ferrari or Lamborghini to hit the German Autobahn and test drive your vehicle’s speed capabilities.


If you plan to go over 80 mph on the highway, then a windshield chip repair might not be a great idea, since even the smallest imperfections can constitute a hazard or at the very least impair your car’s aerodynamic capabilities.


However, if you don’t plan to drive too fast, or if you only drive through the city and only rarely visit your friends or relatives out of town, then a windshield chip repair done by a dependable windshield replacement Bennett area repair specialist can be an excellent choice to save some money and avoid replacing your windshield right away.

Common Myths About Repairing Windshields

Myths About Windshield Replacement And Repair

If repairing your windshield is on your to-do list, it is time to learn about some myths in order to not fall for one. Many vehicle owners take them as facts, although they are anything but.

Myth #1: You can replace the windshield yourself

Nope, this is not true, UNLESS you are experienced and have the necessary tools. Otherwise it would be an unsafe attempt that may result in personal injury and more car damage.

Myth #2: Windshield repairs are a waste of money, because ANY damaged glass must be replaced

Fortunately, this is wrong. Just because you have a crack or a chip in your windshield does not mean you must. Early stages of windshield damage can be repaired and the operation is fast, effective if it is done right and significantly more affordable than a replacement.

Myth #3: Windshield repair will bump up your insurance payment

Again, no! – At least not unless you put in a claim several accident reports and high-cost repairs. In reality, a windshield repair is considered minor by most insurance companies. If your insurer seems different, you can always switch to another at any time!

Myth #4: You can go to any auto glass repair company to fix your problem

Although you have this opportunity in deed, you should choose carefully, because not all companies are the same and you might even encounter scams.

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Why It’s Crucial To Repair Your Chipped Windshield

Avoiding Rocks Cracking Windshield

If a pebble flies and hits your windshield as you drive on the highway, it can produce a crack. When something like this happens, you must fix the crack quickly, before it grows.

Windshields are designed to provide structural support to the car as well as to withstand the demands it is subjected to, when driving on different roads, but inevitable damage may still occur. Windshields are made of two layers of glass and one layer of polyvinyl butyral placed between them, holding them together. Due to this structure, the windshield holds together and does not fall over the driver, not even in the event of an accident, when it breaks.

Repair or replacement?

Generally, minor windshield cracks can be repaired, but this will always depend on the following four factors: size, type, depth and position of the damage. The results can also be different, depending on the severity of the crack.

A qualified windshield repair technician at the auto glass Northglenn CO shop has to evaluate a few factors before deciding whether your windscreen is repairable. Each case is individually studied and the conclusion is made taking into account the technician’s experience with the equipment used, the customer’s expectations and the probability of a successful repair.

Does It Work to Just Do A Windshield Chip Repair?

Windshield Chip Repair Tips

Repairing a windshield that presents a small crack or chip might be the right, most affordable solution in some cases, but not in others – here are some details that can help you decide whether the damage sustained by your windshield can be repaired or the entire part needs to be replaced:

  • Damage that affects a small area – a windshield crack or chip that has appeared only recently and does not seem to be spreading can be efficiently repaired. The repair is usually done with the help of special liquid resin added with a tool similar to a glue gun. The resin builds into the crack or chip, evening out the surface and stopping the damage from spreading;
  • Damage that is spreading quickly in a cobweb-like shape – this kind of extensive damage cannot be repaired, so the best solution will be to get the entire windshield replaced;
  • Damage in front of the driver’s eyes – windshield repair stops the damage on its tracks and restores the strength of the glass, but it does not make the damage disappear completely. While this might not be an issue if the chip or crack is in front the passenger, if the damage sustained by the windshield is in front of the driver’s eyes, replacement might be the recommended solution.

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