How to Check for Cracks in Your Windshield

How To know if windshield cracked replacement needed

Windshield cracks, whether small or large, can weaken the glass and can pose the risk of accidents and of dangerous situations, therefore correcting any issues through repair if possible or through windshield replacement is essential for safe driving. However, not all cracks are very obvious, so here are some tips how to check for and to find even the tiniest issue:

-Inspect the glass components of your car body regularly – perform a thorough inspection after each longer trip that you take as well as before longer trips;

-Look at the glass from the outside as well as from the inside – clean the car, then inspect every inch of the windshields and of the windows from the outside, checking not only for cracks, but for scratches, chips, cross marks, star marks and dents as well, then do the same from the inside. Try to pick a bright day for the inspection from the inside – light breaks differently on cracks, scratches and dents, so they are easier to find in stronger light;

-Determine the best repair action – some types of damage can be repaired, while others can only be fixed with glass replacement. Only the specialist can tell you which of the solutions is the most suitable in your case, so take your car to your mechanic for expert advice, or have come out for determination.

How to Know If Your Warranty Covers Your Windshield

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Windshields are strong and sensitive at the same time – they are strong because they protect your cabin from the elements and sensitive because they can be easily cracked, chipped, dented or even completely shattered by impact, especially by the sand and the rocks that jump up from the road that you drive your car on. Windshield repair and replacement being so expensive, it is very important to have insurance coverage for windshield replacement Broomfield CO – here are some important things to know about the process:

-Standard insurance policies – the conventional, bumper to bumper insurance policy offered with most modern cars provides coverage only for windshield damage caused by a manufacturing defect, not for damage caused by external circumstances, such as rocks flying;

-Windshield warranties – the best way to ensure coverage for external windshield damage is to purchase a windshield warranty for it. These documents can be purchased from many auto glass repair companies and depending on the type of the warranty, they can provide coverage for defects in material, in installation workmanship as well as in the repair process.

Many auto insurers provide special policies for windshields, each solution offering a different type of coverage, so the first person to contact about windshield coverage is your insurance agent.

Latest Trends in Windshields – Advanced Systems, Smartphone Glass and Other Features

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The windshield is a major component in any vehicle and also one that is becoming stronger and more sophisticated with each technological innovation implemented. Modern windshields no longer consist of a simple sheet of glass – these days, they are made stronger, they are fitted with sensors, cameras, supplementary safety systems and other sophisticated features. Here are some of the latest trends in auto glass Thornton area technology as well as others:


-Advanced driver assistance systems – these modern systems use the car’s windshield to display information that is important for the driver, such as alerts regarding problems with the car;

-Smart glass – modern windshields also come in smart versions that respond to the intensity of light, to moisture as well as to temperature changes and they automatically adjust various settings to ensure the comfort and the safety of the car in any weather condition;

-More strength – modern windshields are also much more resistant to breaking than they used to be. The most advanced windshields use the Gorilla Glass, previously used to protect the screens of smartphones. The special glass is also lighter, it offers better visibility and is suitable for making very large windshields and large glass components for future vehicle models, making special designs possible without compromising the comfort and the safety of the vehicle.

How long can a windshield last if it doesn’t get a chip or crack?

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The windshield of a car is an important feature related to driving safely, ensuring a certain degree of protection for those in the car, in case of an accident. Because of this, every car owner has an obligation to make sure that their car windows are in good condition at all times.

A windshield that has no chip or crack and which has been properly installed in the first place should last for a long time. Installation is very important and that is why you should choose a professional, experienced windshield center that uses quality materials. For example, if the windshield is mounted too tight, it may crack in very cold weather.

The quality of the windshield is another extremely important factor on which its lifespan largely depends. Manufacturing defects (wrong dimensions or inadequate quality material) as well as deformed windshield frame will create problems sooner than necessary.

If you purchase a quality product, ensure its proper installation and drive your car carefully, your windshield can survive the lifetime of your car. Otherwise, you may start experiencing problems even as early as 2–3 years.

Also, if you are very-very unlucky, even your quality windshield will last only up until the first decently sized pebble flies up and hits it, while you drive on a regular road.  Windshield replacement does not have to be expensive just good quality from


Why It Makes Sense to Hire A Mobile Windshield Replacement Provider

windshield make sense mobile replacementYour windshield can suffer damage anytime, anywhere and in many cases, the damage sustained by the glass makes it impossible to drive the car and to take it to a garage on its own wheels. One solution for such a situation is to get a trailer and to tow the car to a windshield specialist, the other is to get a mobile windshield replacement provider to come to your car and replace the windshield. These service providers can help you with smaller repairs, too – here is why hiring one of them is such a convenient solution:


  • Getting your windshield repaired or replaced while you are at work – you can call your mobile windshield replacement and repair company and ask the technician to come and repair or replace your glass where your car is parked in your employer’s lot or in the parking lot of the store where you are shopping. If you can choose the time, pick a day that is dry and warm, but not hot;


  • Increased safety – driving with a damaged windshield is dangerous and calling a mobile windshield replacement Bennett area company is the best way to get a new windshield if you can no longer see through the old one, wherever you are, even far away from your home.

Does the Sun Breakdown My Windshield Over Time?

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Many materials are affected by persistent exposure to solar radiation – while glass that is intact and free from blemishes is fairly resistant to such exposure, any damage sustained previously can be quickly aggravated by the heat that sunshine comes with. Here is how the sun affects your windshield:


  • Causing the glass to expand – heat makes most materials, including glass, to expand, then, as the temperature drops, the materials shrink. This constant movement can make small dents, holes or cracks to aggravate quickly, turning to large blemishes that hinder visibility;


  • Running air conditioners – most people drive with their car AC running. Air conditioning is great for reducing the temperature inside the cabin to comfortable levels, but when the glass of your windshield is exposed to cool air on one side and to excessive solar on the other, the tiny, often invisible cracks and chips on the windshield start growing.


The best way to avoid windshield damage in summer is to use a car in a temperature-conscious way and to get any damage repaired quickly. If you see any small crack or chip, schedule a visit to a nearby windshield repair company like and get the issue fixed before it turns into a serious problem.

Why Windshields Chip So Easily

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Windshields typically chip when a small rock reaches them because the tires of other cars cause debris to fling behind them. Despite the fact that they sometimes are hardly noticeable, the sound of the unpleasant impact cannot be left unnoticed.

Weather and dirt are major factors that can cause the windshield to chip quite easily, and therefore you need to take the necessary precautions to avoid such accidents, especially when the weather is harsh. At the same time, chips should be repaired promptly, so that they do not get more aggravated.  It’s best to search for windshield replacement near me for someone close to repair it.

In order to avoid windshield chips, it is best to keep a good distance from dump trucks or other big vehicles that are likely to haul debris. Keeping a safe distance from mostly any other vehicle can also help drivers avoid any kind of rocks, dirt or pebbles that are propelled into the air by tires. In case the chip occurs, it is best to cover it with clear packing tape, so as to protect it from expanding and getting even more damaged, and to make it easier to fix.


How To Fix A Leaky Windshield

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Windshields play an essential part for the safety of your car, offering it stability and keeping you and your family safe.

There are certain things that you may notice in the case you have a leaky windshield. It can be the smell of mildew, or you may notice traces of humidity in other parts of your car. The carpet may be damp; you may discover rust stains in certain areas, or discoloration spots.

Leaky windshields can cause serious damages to your car’s electrical system. Pin connectors can get rusty, the sensor system can fail, and windows can become foggy, affecting visibility, etc.

If you have a leak in your windshield or back door glass the only thing to do is call an installer right away.  We do not recommend that you attempt to do it yourself.  People sometimes try to seal with another agent or duck tape but this just adds further damages to the car, the best idea is to ask for help from professionals at

Fixing Your Car’s Windshield – Does Rock Chip Repair Really Work?

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Rock chip repair is common these days, and many people swear that it works very well as an alternative to windshield replacement. What rock chip repair services do is to apply simple fixes to rock chips that affect cars’ windshields.  You can search for windshield replacement near me in Byers to find someone close and convenient.  As a result, you no longer need to pay a lot of money to get your windshield back to its former glory. All you have to do is contact a dependable windshield repair expert, and they will take care of everything for you.


The method used to repair rock chips is a simple one and yet it’s also highly effective. First the affected area is examined and cleaned, so that no debris will remain and the windshield can be handled with ease. Then a technician will use a special type of resin to seal the chip. While in liquid form, that resin will blend in with the glass and harden when exposed to UV light.


As the blend happens, the chip becomes almost invisible, and the technician will cut off the excess resin and smooth any sharper edges to make sure that the fix will not impair the driver’s visibility. The result is a completely repaired windshield that looks and feels almost brand new. Depending on the size of the chip, the technique can be made almost flawless. If the chip is too large, however, then you will need to have your windshield replaced.

The Choice of Mobile Windshield Replacement Can Actually Save Your Life!

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Have you ever thought about the real impact of what it could mean to delay replacing your windshield? A lot of drivers tend to postpone this essential action in the hopes of saving money for a little longer, without thinking too much about the consequences.


Aside from the fact that, in many areas, you can be pulled over in traffic and admonished because you haven’t replaced a cracked windshield, there are also the safety risks involved. Being fined for something like this might not carry that much weight, but the problem is that, in the event of an actual car crash or of something falling on top of your windshield, the windshield’s ability to protect you will be impaired by that small crack. You or one of your passengers could be severely injured, or even suffer a fatal injury that could have been avoided through the use of a brand new windshield.


Also, it’s worth mentioning that a faulty or damaged windshield can cause visual impairments that, even though might seem insignificant at first glance, in a situation where you have to make a call in just a few fractions of a second, it can actually become life-altering. So make sure you get windshield replacement Strasburg area offers as soon as possible, if you don’t want to deal with unexpected hazards that should normally not even be a problem.