2 Ways Professionals Repair Windshield Pitting

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Pitting is a form of natural wear and tear sustained by windshields – the issue is usually detected by drivers while driving, when the sun shines directly on the glass and suddenly the driver is blinded by the light. The issue is provoked by the abrasion caused by sand, dust and other kind of debris that the windshield comes into contact with – these abrasive materials cause small craters on the windshield and the damage glass distorts that light, reflecting it all around, creating the glare.

There are many ways to solve the issue – here are some used by auto glass Northglenn CO professionals:

  • Windshield replacement – the best, safest, but most expensive solution is windshield replacement, especially if the pitting affects a large part of the glass or the damage is in an area right in front of the driver’s eyes;
  • Professional repair – some types of pitting can be efficiently fixed by professional repair technicians. The procedure involves the covering of the pits with an industry-grade filling compound, followed by the polishing of the entire glass surface to restore the even finish.

The decision whether to repair or to replace a pitted windshield can be made only after the windshield is inspected by a professional, so the first step towards solving the problem should be a visit to a professional windshield repair shop.

Is Washing My Car Safe After I Get A New Windshield?

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One of the most common questions asked by vehicle owners who have cars currently undergoing windshield replacement or who are planning to take their car to a repair garage soon is how long they should wait to wash their car after the replacement is complete. The question is surely important – windshield replacement is an expensive repair that no car owner wants ruin in a car wash and getting your car washed is an understandable wish after the car has spent days in the garage, waiting for the replacement.  Fortunately, the windshield replacement Thornton experts agree that you only have to wait  3 days to be safe before taking your car to a car wash after your car has received the new windshield.  However your car can be driven within 30 minutes of a windshield installation due to the newest adhesives that dry within that time frame.

The restriction does not apply to manually washing the car, though. Cleaning your car in a car wash, whether you do it yourself or the car is cleaned by an car wash employee, implies the usage of pressurized water, which might harm the new windshield, but cleaning the windshield manually, with gentle movements, a mild detergent and a soft cloth is considered to be a safe way to make the most of your new windshield.

Is There A Way To Stop A Crack In A Windshield From Getting Bigger?

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A crack in the windshield can occur at any time, and the reasons can be numerous: stones flying from the wheels of other cars, changes in temperature or pressure, faulty installation, hail or other natural phenomena.

One of the biggest problems with these cracks is that they tend to grow, especially due to temperature fluctuations. Any crack is a potential danger to you and the other passengers, as it weakens the structural integrity of the windshield. Even if a crack seems small and easy to ignore, you must not postpone its repair.

If the object projected in the windshield only cracked (chipped) its surface, this problem can be easily remedied by means of a car windshield repair kit, specially designed for such situations.

Of course, not all cracks in the glass can be fixed and nor all defects can be completely eliminated. The best thing you can do is to fill the empty space in the chip, so the resistance of the windshield will increase considerably.

If the crack becomes too long, it is necessary to make a schedule with a specialized service, in order to replace your car windshield.  To find the best place do a windshield replacement near me in Bennett search and make an appointment today.


Can Heat Loosen The Glue That Holds My Windshield In Place?

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Unfortunately, when summer comes and the temperature outdoors rises very much even in the shade, you can be sure that your car is affected, one way or another, and if you do not follow some care rules, your vehicle may break down faster and easier.

Although many people believe that cars are made to withstand such conditions, there are still many elements that can be damaged due to aggressive sun exposure. Naturally, when we say this, we think about paint and body elements first and foremost, but they are not the only ones.

The protective layer of the windshield is also easily affected by heat, which will make it progressively disappear. The surface loses its shine and becomes dull. Due to the excessive heat, the foil that joins the two glass layers loses its transparency and, in time, it becomes loose.

As for the glue that holds the windshield in place, modern products are very resistant and it is unlikely that heat can loosen them, unless there is an additional reason for this. These adhesives are very flexible, although they harden completely very quickly and have resistance to bending. Besides, professional adhesives for gluing the windshield have been tested and met the required standards.  For repairs or replacement find windshield replacement near me in Broomfield for convenience.

The Advantages of Using A Factory Direct Windshield Replacement

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There are two auto glass replacement Thornton CO options that you can choose if you need windshield replacement: you can go for an aftermarket windshield or you can choose a glass directly from the supplier whose windshield is installed on the make and model that you drive when the car leaves the factory. While in the case of old cars, aftermarket windshields are the only option, newer cars can enjoy lots of benefits if fitted with a factory-direct windshield. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Aspects related to insurance – if the glass on your car breaks and you file a claim with your insurer, be prepared that most insurers are willing to pay only if the replacement is performed using a new factory windshield;


  • Technical issues – while in the case of old cars that do not use sensors and other electronic features in the glass, the replacement can be easily done with an aftermarket windshield without compromising drive quality, the windshield of modern, sophisticated cars is more than just a piece of glass. The replacement of these modern windshields involves not only fitting the glass into the hole in the car body – the car’s computer needs to be calibrated and taught to accept the new windshield and any on-board computers recognize only factory or OEM windshields, making these more expensive windshields the only option.

When Is the Best Time to Have Your Windshield Replaced?

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If your windshield is broken, the best time to replace it right away, right now. Windshield repair and replacement procedures can be safely performed in almost any period of the year provided that the ambient temperature is right – many auto glass Broomfield CO companies provide repair services in freezing winter as well, but not outdoors. However, here are some things that you should know about the ideal conditions of windshield replacement:

  • The temperature of the glass – glass contracts in low temperatures and expands in high temperature conditions. This means that in winter your windshield will be a little bit smaller that its size measured at the ideal 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit glass temperature – if the glass is installed when it is colder than that, it might not have sufficient space to expand among higher temperature conditions and it might crack or break. Glass that is warmer than ideal is larger, which means that it might shrink and fall out or become insecurely fastened when it cools down. The solution is to perform the replacement among controlled temperatures, to check and to adjust the temperature of the glass;
  • The temperature of the adhesives – the materials used for fastening the windshield work best in the same temperature range as the glass.

Can You Tint Your Windshield?

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There are many cars that have special tint foil applied on their windows. Their purpose is to act like sunscreens, blocking UV radiation. There are tint foils with varying degrees of light blocking. However, simply the fact that they exist does not make all of them legal, because reducing the light that comes through a car`s windows defeat their basic purpose in the first place, and that is why there are laws  in every state about the degree of tint you are allowed to use.

These legal provisions are quite relaxed when it comes to side windows, but very strict about the degree of tint allowed on the windshield. Above the top 5 inches or the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, not more than 25% tint is allowed, with less than 25% reflection.

You are also allowed to apply photo chromic window film on your windshield. What exactly does photo chromic film means and what is its role? Well, normally a windshield protected with a photo chromic film becomes smoky when the sun shines on it and transparent again in the absence of the sun. This function protects the driver’s eyes from blinding sunlight, but allows maximum visibility. It is a very good investment especially for those who drive frequently and on long distances. Some more expensive cars are equipped with this protection from the factory.  Find out more about your windshield through an auto glass Northglenn CO Shop.

The Basic Idea Behind a Windshield Warranty and Getting Replacement Windshields

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Your advanced car is much more of a “holistic” tool than what cars used to be back in the day. When windshield glass was little more than regular glass, it stood to reason that replacing it wasn’t that much of a big deal. However, these days, windshield glass is made from special materials, and its functions are manifold. Even your heating and cooling system or your car’s advanced infotainment system can suffer when your windshield is damaged.


Windshield warranties, as a result, are much more complicated than they used to be. Typically, when the glass breaks under warranty, you can expect some form of assistance with having it replaced. However, it will depend heavily on the circumstances as well, and you might find that the entire process will be lengthy and quite expensive.


If you don’t have your windshield warranty in effect, then it can be even more expensive. As a result, most knowledgeable windshield replacement Broomfield CO experts consider that it’s necessary to install a brand new windshield as soon as the warranty expires. Although you’re not forced to do that, it’s usually a better idea, since the new warranty will be able to protect you in the event that the windshield is damaged in the near future.

Taking Proper Care of Your Vehicle: Can Hail Really Damage My Car Windows?

Windshield Repair Hailstorm Vehicle Damage

Hail is one of the most problematic type of precipitation, and it’s not uncommon that it would affect cars as they pass through an area where a powerful hail storm is raging. If large enough, pieces of hail falling on your windshield and impacting your windows can definitely do some damage, and in many cases they have also been found to chip away at the windows, if the angle of descent is sharp enough.


The thing to do when you’re driving through an area where a hailstorm just set in is to stop your car and cover your windows and windshield. Alternatively, you can stop under a large tree or in an underground parking lot to keep your car safe until the hail storm goes away.


The risk involved with driving in even a seemingly peaceful hail storm is quite great. The main issue is that you don’t exactly know whether the hail will grow in size or whether it’ll stay small. It could happen that for 10-15 minutes, the pieces of hail falling on your car will remain small and harmless, and then the storm might intensify until larger pieces fall and damage your car.


In some cases, you’ll find that hail can even damage the metallic parts of the car, causing dents and extensive damage that won’t go away with a simple paint job. So make sure to keep your vehicle safe whenever you see a hail storm approaching, and if damage does occur, contact your local windshield replacement Bennett community offers right away.