The Basic Idea Behind a Windshield Warranty and Getting Replacement Windshields

windshield replacement warranty

Your advanced car is much more of a “holistic” tool than what cars used to be back in the day. When windshield glass was little more than regular glass, it stood to reason that replacing it wasn’t that much of a big deal. However, these days, windshield glass is made from special materials, and its functions are manifold. Even your heating and cooling system or your car’s advanced infotainment system can suffer when your windshield is damaged.


Windshield warranties, as a result, are much more complicated than they used to be. Typically, when the glass breaks under warranty, you can expect some form of assistance with having it replaced. However, it will depend heavily on the circumstances as well, and you might find that the entire process will be lengthy and quite expensive.


If you don’t have your windshield warranty in effect, then it can be even more expensive. As a result, most knowledgeable windshield replacement Broomfield CO experts consider that it’s necessary to install a brand new windshield as soon as the warranty expires. Although you’re not forced to do that, it’s usually a better idea, since the new warranty will be able to protect you in the event that the windshield is damaged in the near future.

Taking Proper Care of Your Vehicle: Can Hail Really Damage My Car Windows?

Windshield Repair Hailstorm Vehicle Damage

Hail is one of the most problematic type of precipitation, and it’s not uncommon that it would affect cars as they pass through an area where a powerful hail storm is raging. If large enough, pieces of hail falling on your windshield and impacting your windows can definitely do some damage, and in many cases they have also been found to chip away at the windows, if the angle of descent is sharp enough.


The thing to do when you’re driving through an area where a hailstorm just set in is to stop your car and cover your windows and windshield. Alternatively, you can stop under a large tree or in an underground parking lot to keep your car safe until the hail storm goes away.


The risk involved with driving in even a seemingly peaceful hail storm is quite great. The main issue is that you don’t exactly know whether the hail will grow in size or whether it’ll stay small. It could happen that for 10-15 minutes, the pieces of hail falling on your car will remain small and harmless, and then the storm might intensify until larger pieces fall and damage your car.


In some cases, you’ll find that hail can even damage the metallic parts of the car, causing dents and extensive damage that won’t go away with a simple paint job. So make sure to keep your vehicle safe whenever you see a hail storm approaching, and if damage does occur, contact your local windshield replacement Bennett community offers right away.

What Is Laminated Glass and Why Is Its Use So Important?

Laminated Glass Windshield Replacement Repair Company

There is a lot to consider about the use of laminated glass – an enhanced type of glass typically found in vehicle window design – when it comes to the widespread potential of its applications in various industries and areas of the commercial sector.


Laminated glass can be used in a variety of applications where the use of normal glass would be considered risky, if not downright dangerous. Because of the stress that it’s put through during its extremely demanding manufacturing process, tempered glass has a greater resistance to impact, UV radiation and heat, and it is also generally considered to be much safer than regular glass.


Suppose you had an explosion in part of your building or factory. Even if the explosion isn’t necessarily strong enough to cause a lot of damage, any windows or glass elements that would normally protect workers or bystanders could turn into potentially lethal sources of glass shards. This doesn’t happen with laminated glass, which simply shatters into very tiny pieces upon impact, often even saving the lives of the people who hide behind it.


Because of its superior constitution and resilience, laminated glass can be used in vehicles, athletic facilities, exhibition areas, as well as the manufacturing of balcony and shower doors, and in frameless glass door assemblies in the manufacturing of large commercial buildings.

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How to Keep Your Car’s Windshield Protected During Hail Season

Protect Car Windshield From Hail

When you’re out on the road and you don’t have a special hail cover that can effectively protect your car’s windshield, you don’t have a lot of options available. Still, even though buying a hail cover might be a good idea, it can be pretty expensive. So if you don’t have a lot of money at your disposal, you might want to think about alternative solutions.


One of the things that will help you protect your windshield during a hail storm is to put your floor mats on it. Although that seems like a simplistic solution, it can actually be quite effective. Buying a few additional floor mats for your car can be a wise investment not just for them to act as possible replacements for the ones you’re using, but also to protect your car’s windshield from hail, when a random hailstorm hits and you have nowhere to go for cover.


The best thing to do in such a scenario is to pull over and get the floor mats out of your car, then place them on the windshield. Make sure you have something that can keep them in place in case the wind is too strong. Once the storm passes, you can simply shake off the water, put them back into the car and drive off.  If you do get hail damage to your windshield, call on to have it replaced.

Getting Your Windshield Repaired Before A Roadtrip

Important Windshield Replacement Before A Road Trip

Windshields are specially designed to provide structural support to the vehicle as well as to withstand the demands it faces while driving, but inevitably damage may occur eventually.

Sometimes cracks and chips may appear in your windshield, with no apparent reason without the impact of pebbles and other objects. The reasons for this are various: temperature changes, pressure changes, structural defects, low quality products and workmanship.

By repairing the windshield you will have guaranteed satisfaction and will restore its original strength and aspect. The low cost of repair compared to the price of a new windshield determines many customers to turn to such services, which can be a good alternative but only if they are executed by professionals who have decided, following a thorough inspection, that the windshield can be repaired.

It is very important to seek out windshield replacement Thornton area and repair the windshield before a road trip, because an unstable windshield can cause accidents and personal injuries.

Besides, by repairing it in time, you avoid extending the problem until it becomes non-repairable, and so you are relieved of the financial effort of purchasing a new one. Besides, a new windshield is not always a solution to your problem, as its quality may not match the quality of the original windshield your car came with from the factory.


Staying Aware Of Windshield Recalibration Scams

Windshield Replacement And Recalibration

Scammers can be found anywhere, unfortunately, or maybe we should say that scammers find you, wherever you are.

As vigilant as you are, sometimes it is difficult to tell if someone is trying to scam you because scammers are very well-practiced. Windshield repair scams are frequent and besides making you waste your money on low-quality service, some might also attempt to target your auto insurance provider.

Either way, you end up with a hole in your budget.

How can you protect yourself from scammers?

The best thing you can do is to search for an authorized windshield replacement near me and get quick, safe and quality service.  Also, you should know that scammers have some typical ways to approach you. Some of them will try to convince you that there is something wrong with your windshield – something they can repair and you will not have to pay any money, because your insurer will take care of it.

Always ask them for a business card or for details about their company. If they can`t provide such information, regardless the reasons, stay away from them and their magic offers. Don`t allow anyone to pressure you into letting them “repair” your windshield.


What Is Windshield Pitting?

Important Windshield Replacement TipsThe windshields is among the most important car components, one of the parts that make driving possible. While windshields are all made from durable and resistant material, even the strongest material can become worn when exposed to wear and tear for too long, one of the most common issues caused by such wear and tear being pitting.

Windshield pitting is the process during which the windshield sustains damage caused by the sand, the tiny stones and the other debris that are lifted from the road by the traffic and that collide with the windshield at high speeds. Unlike collision with a larger stone, pitting, in most cases, does not shatter or crack the glass, but the more extensive the pitting is on the windshield, the more obstructed the driver’s view. Damaged glass tends to distort the light coming in, often causing blurs or even intense glaring that may blind the driver temporarily. Even a fraction of a second when you cannot see properly while driving is dangerous – you are probably aware that so many things can happen during the split second -, therefore windshield pitting should be addressed instantly when noticed, find cheap windshield replacement Thornton windshield shops to do the work. In most cases, the only possible course of action is windshield replacement, which can be costly, but inevitable.

Recommendations for New Windshield Wipers

The Need For Good Windshield Wipers

The efficiency and proper condition of your windshield wipers is essential for your safety while driving, so here are some tips you if you want to buy new wipers:

  • Buy the right size – you can find out the size of your windshield blades from the manual of your car, or a local auto glass Broomfield CO professional. Note down the measurements and buy only wipers that are of the right size – any wiper that is too short or too long will not work on the car;
  • Consider buying the entire blade assembly – in the past, replacement rubber blades were also available, but nowadays they are increasingly difficult to find, so the best solution is to replace the entire assembly;
  • You don’t need to buy the most expensive wipers – the price is not always an indicator of quality. Most wiper blades today are made of good quality rubber and you should not use one set for more than a year anyway, so focusing on the size is more important than buying the most expensive blade available for your car make and model;
  • Choose the blades for your climate zone – you can find blades developed for icy and snowy conditions, blades that work best with rainwater and all-season blades, suitable for summer and winter conditions as well.

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Windshield Glue

Pros And Cons Of Adhesives s

The windshield on your car plays an essential role in protecting the safety of the driver and the passengers. While windshields are made from special safety glass that is extremely resistant to impact, even the best, strongest windshield glass can suffer damage caused by small stones and other road debris hitting the glass. In some cases, the damage sustained by the glass is in a location that hinders visibility or it is so extensive that the glass needs to be replaced, but in many cases, damaged windshields can be repaired by specialized technicians at an auto glass replacement Broomfield CO store who will apply the right type of glue to bond the damaged area and to stop the damage from spreading. Here are some of the most types of glue used on windshields:

  • Urethane – great for adding strength to the structure of the glass and also used for bonding glass to other materials, such as metal;
  • Silicone – this durable material is flexible, resistant to the weather as well as to moisture, but it is not a material that can sustain a lot of mechanical load, therefore it is not suitable for repairing windshields on cars that were involved in an accident affecting the car’s roof as well.