The Benefits of Buying Sun Shades – How Do Sun Shades Work in Your Car?

Sun shade windshield replacement care

Sun shades can provide many essential advantages when you own a car. Aside from keeping your car cool in warm weather, they can also minimize the amount of light in your vehicle and filter out harmful UV radiation. But there’s a lot more to the benefits of sun shades than meets the eye. If you ask a windshield replacement Northglenn expert, they will probably mention at least some of the following advantages:


  1. Sun shades can protect your children from harmful UV rays and excessive heat during lengthy road trips. Children – and most especially toddlers and infants – are very easily affected by temperature fluctuations and excessive light, and a well-designed sunshade can protect them from all of that.
  2. The same benefit can apply not only to adults and pets, but also to the electronic devices and food stored in your car. Sun shades can help balance the temperature in your vehicle, so everyone will feel (and eat) better.
  3. A great thing about sun shades is that they can help you avoid overusing your AC. In hot weather, you need all the help you can get to prevent your equipment from overheating, and you definitely don’t want to lose your air-conditioning system due to overuse.

How Repairing Your Auto Glass Can Help You Save Money

How Repairing Windshield Right Away Is Important

Windshields are designed with two layers of glass plus another one of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between them. This central layer holds together the shards that occur in the event of an accident. This is why windshields crack when they are hit by different objects, but do not fall apart or over the driver.

If your windshield cracked, the natural question is “Can it be repaired?”. Repairing your auto glass can help you save money, considering that a replacement is much more expensive.

Repair or replacement?

Generally, most windshield cracks can be fixed, but this always depends on the following factors: size, depth, type and position of the damage. A qualified windshield repair technician must evaluate carefully all these factors before deciding whether your windshield can or cannot be repaired. Each case must be individually studied and balanced with the technician’s experience with the repairing equipment, the customer’s expectations as well as the probability of a successful repair.

Size of the damage

To a large extent, most car workshops will be able to deal with cracks of 2-3 cm in diameter and 6-7 cm in length. Typically, any crack which is larger than this is beyond repair, so the size of the damage is a very important factor in making a decision.  Find out more on repair or replacement,

Checklist for Hiring A Windshield Company

Checklist For Hiring Windshield Professional

Choosing the right windshield company to install your new windshield is very important and there are several aspects that you need to pay attention to if you want to make sure that the company you have hired is the best, indeed. Here are some items to include on your checklist:

  • A reputation for high quality windshields and great installation – windshields come in a wide range and the array of the technical features that they can incorporate is very large, too, so you need a windshield expert who can help you choose the best product and a company that has the knowledge and experience to correctly install the product that you selected;
  • Decide whether you need full replacement or if repair is enough – the previous type of service involves complete windshield installation, and is more expensive than just repair, while repair involves keeping your current windshield and just repairing the chip;
  • Warranty on the products as well as on the labor – a windshield company offers both. The warranty is obviously not extended to situations when the windshield is damaged by some sort of impact, but it should cover issues related to the installation and manufacturing faults.

Here’s a great windshield replacement company in Broomfield, servicing the surrounding cities

Keeping Your Eye Out For Dangerous Road Debris

Keep An Eye Out For Road DebrisOur personal car is something we cannot live without nowadays. A car is no longer just a fad or an acquisition that only the wealthiest could afford. Beyond its utility, the car needs to be safe to drive. Unfortunately even a little crack or chip on the windshield can puts us in dangerous situations, by distracting our attention or obstructing the view.

Dangerous road debris cannot always be avoided. You can drive carefully, but you cannot avoid every pebble bouncing in your windshield. A scarce scratch appears first and you will choose to ignore it for a while. After some time, due to temperature fluctuations and weather conditions, the small scratch turns into a small crack. It is not disturbing yet, and it does not affect your driving. However, after a while, you notice that it keeps extending. Obviously, sooner or later it will become a problem.

For a driver, the field of  view must be perfect and not affected by cracks that block the visibility, otherwise you may not see pedestrians, other cars or other potential dangers, in the right time. Automatically, the risk of accidents increases and no one wants to be involved in road incidents, no matter how minor they are.

Always choose to run on safe roads and reduce speed whenever you observe dangerous road debris that could cause you trouble.  On off roads, be sure to call a mobile windshield replacement Broomfield technician when needed.

Keeping Your Car Windshield Safe During Hail Season

Tips For Hail Season

Hail is a weather phenomenon that lasts a little, but it can cause serious damage to your car. Every driver needs to know which course of actions is effective in such a situation, to protect their car.

Keep calm. The 1 cm diameter of the common hailstones does not leave any marks on the car`s body and they are no danger to the windshield either. However, if the hail reaches 2 centimeters in diameter, then you have to think seriously about protecting the car.

First, you have to stop the car. The consequences may be disastrous if you continue to move through the falling hail stones. Look around! You must quickly find something that will serve as a shelter for your car. For example, the roof of a gas station, a parking lot or even a bridge. If you are unable to find anything that could keep your car protected during the storm, it is time to improvise something, by using the things you have around; the car mats or a blanket can prove to be useful.

Contrary to popular belief, the windscreen is not the one that has priority to be protected in this case, but the car`s bodywork, because the windows are easier and cheaper to replace at your local auto glass Thornton shop.

Alternatively, you can buy an anti hail car cover, designed with a layer of thick rubber foam that will successfully absorb the impact of the hailstones.

Why Use A Mobile Windshield Service

Why Use A Windshield Service Company

With a mobile windshield, you can get your car’s damaged windshield repaired or even replaced quickly and easily, without having to spend time taking the car to the repair garage, waiting for the job to get done and taking the car from the garage. Here are more details and some other benefits of using a mobile windshield service:

  • Convenience – the repair service will come to you, wherever you are. You can call the windshield service to fix your car in front of your home, in the parking lot of the company you work for or you can get them to meet on the side of the road if that is where the damage happened;
  • Affordability – getting your chipped or cracked windshield repaired is much cheaper than getting the glass replaced.

Windshield repair consists of filling the damaged part with special, transparent material. The technician of the mobile windshield replacement Thornton service that you call will apply durable, transparent liquid resin into the chip or crack to restore the strength and resistance of the glass and to prevent the damage from spreading, but the process will not make the damage invisible, so if the cracked or chipped area is in an area where it is disturbing for the driver, windshield replacement might be a more suitable solution.