How to Find Out If My State Has Full Glass Coverage for My Windshield

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Standard auto insurance policies usually do not include coverage for glass damage, that type of coverage being provided only by comprehensive policies that cover for a much wider range of issues. The availability of glass damage coverage is determined not only by the type of your policy, but also by your state – while full glass coverage is available in some states, in other states, car owners do not have that option. Here is how to find out:

-A general online query – with a little online research, you can easily find out the list of the states in which full glass coverage is available as well as the list of the insurers that provide such comprehensive coverage;

-Your insurance agent or broker – you can also call the agent or the broker that you have bought your auto insurance from to find out whether you can get comprehensive coverage in your state;

-The website of your insurer – insurance company websites provide lots of documents and information of general interest, so you will probably obtain the information you need if you visit that website. If the insurer offers glass coverage in your state, you can also find out about the related costs on the website.  For the best windshield see

Why Calibration Is Important in Windshield Replacement

Why Windshield Replacement and Calibration Necessary

The windshield on your car is an essential component, the surface that makes driving not only safe, but possible at all. Windshields are made from special, very strong glass, but even so, impact and shock can damage or even shatter it, requiring you to get the glass replaced to restore the car’s drivability. The complexity of the windshield replacement process depends on the complexity of the car – while simple, older cars do not integrate the windshield into the car’s computer system, more complex, modern vehicles use windshields equipped with various sensors and cameras that the car’s computer uses for providing important safety and driver assistance features. In the case of these modern cars, the windshield replacement process involves more than just removing the old, damaged glass and fitting the new glass sheet into the slot – the new glass also needs to be calibrated to allow the car’s computer to recognize the new piece.

If your car uses a complex windshield equipped with sensors and cameras, you need to be prepared to pay more for the new windshield than you would pay for a simple piece of safety glass. You should also expect the calibration process to add time to the duration of the windshield replacement Broomfield CO installation as well as to pay a bit more for a component that needs a specialist familiar with calibration processes.

Best Ways To Get Ice Off Your Windshield

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The cold weather is a real test for drivers and the fact that they must waste time cleaning the ice on their windshields in the morning, or waiting for the windows to defog is a big inconvenience. But luckily there are a few solutions that will make your life easier even if you do not have a modern de-icing system installed on your car.

First, do NOT use hot water to remove the ice, as it can cost you a new windshield from places like Front Range Windshield Pros.  Additionally, do NOT use summer windshield cleaning solution in the winter, as it will favor the apparition of ice.

Here are our recommendations when it comes to getting ice off your windshield without scratching it.

Use special de-icing liquids. There are chemical solutions that can be found in stores (parts stores, gas stations, supermarkets) at affordable prices. If you can, choose those that do not contain methyl alcohol or otherwise called methanol. Methanol is a cheaper solution (compared to alcohol) but if inhaled, it can cause headaches and nausea.

If you cannot afford to invest in such products, you can prepare your own de-icing liquid for your windshield. A liquid prepared from two-thirds sanitary alcohol and one-third of water, to which we add a small amount of dish detergent, all mixed in a spray bottle, is a very effective solution, say the experienced drivers.

When Can You Get Away with Just A Repair Vs. Replacing Your Auto Glass

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Whether the most suitable way to solve a windshield problem is repair or replacement depends on both the severity and the location of the damage. Here are some things to know:

-Minor issues that can be solved through repair – minor dings and cracks can be efficiently fixed through repair, provided that the damage is not located in front of the eyes of the driver. The windshield repair process involves the application of transparent substances like liquid glass that fill in the crack or the ding and prevents the damage from spreading.

-Apparently minor issues that cannot be repaired – the windshield repair procedure stops the damage and conceals it to a certain extent, but it does not make the damage disappear, so if the damage is in an area of the windshield that is in the driver’s field of vision, the compromised area can reflect light in a way that blinds the driver, therefore repair is not the right solution;

-Severe issues that require windshield replacement – large cracks, cracks that spread in a star shape and multiple cracks that affect different parts of the windshield decrease the resistance of the windshield, therefore the only solution is complete auto glass replacement Broomfield CO shop offers. The same goes for partially or completely shattered auto glass.

How Much Time Does It Take To Replace Your Windshield

Time For Windshield Replacement pros adjustments

Windshield replacement is a pretty quick and straightforward process that does not last longer than an hour and involves the removal of the old, damaged glass, the preparation of the windshield hole to receive the new glass and the installation of the new windshield. However, the entire process from the minute that your car is dropped at the windshield installation specialist’s garage to the minute that you can turn the ignition and leave the garage in your repaired car can take quite long – here are the factors that influence the waiting time:


-The availability of the new windshield – windshields are quickly and easily available for the more common cars, but the process might take a long time in the case of classic or special cars for which the windshield can only be ordered from the manufacturer;


-The complexity of the glass – modern cars use many sensors and cameras installed on the windshield to enable special features, such as automatic windshield wipers. If the new windshield is for a car equipped with such features, the process of installing the new windshield must also involve the configuration of the car’s computer to receive the sensors, cameras and other extras that the windshield is fitted with, otherwise the car won’t even start. Depending on the complexity of the configuration, the windshield installation might take several hours longer, unless you talk with the Front Range Windshield Pros to do the job.

How to Protect Your Car from Hail

Protect Car Hail Damage Windshield Replacement

When we hear about major natural disasters, what comes to mind is usually a hurricane, a tornado, a flood or a wildfire. However, hailstorms can be almost as devastating as a hurricanes or tornadoes – the ice balls and the heavy rain are accompanied by high winds during hail storms, each of these phenomena being able to cause severe property damage on their own. Cars are especially vulnerable to hail, so here are a few important measures for protecting your precious vehicle from hail damage:

-Use a covered parking space – keeping your car in a covered garage is the best way to prevent hail damage to your car;

-Check the forecast and use temporary solutions – if you don’t have access to a covered parking permanently, try to check the weather forecast as often as possible and move your car to safety temporarily, until the storm subsides. You can check a parking facility close to where you live or the nearby shopping mall, for example – most shopping centers have underground parking lots;

-Get a hail car cover – nowadays, you can easily buy car covers designed especially for hail protection – they are available in specialized shops or you can order one online, keep an auto glass Northglenn CO number handy for in emergency repair or replacement for damaged windshields.

3 Best Wiper Blade Types for Winter

Windshield Wiper Blades Working Raining

Winters are becoming harsher each year, making driving increasingly difficult, too. While the condition of the blades on the car’s windshield wipers is important in any season, in winter, blades in proper working conditions and developed to meet the special challenges of winter weather can be life-savers. Here are the three wiper blades types that work best among harsh winter conditions:


-Beam blades – also called bracketless blades, these blades have a special, long spring made from steel incorporated in the rubber to ensure efficient wiping by distributing pressure along the entire length of the blade. These blades are usually made from special compounds for a solution that also ensures better adherence by being compatible with flat and more curved windshields as well;

-Aerodynamic blades – the aerodynamic shape of these blades designed for cold weather conditions ensures the smooth movement of the blade on the glass and efficient cleaning, even in the heaviest snowing and when the wind is blowing strong. These products feature special rubbers designed for freezing winter weather;

-Blades that feature an anti-clogging armor – besides using rubber designed for winter, these blades ensure proper operation with the help of a special shield that prevents ice from covering the joints.


For all your windshield repairs, look at windshield replacement Byers area for repair and replacement services.

Why Cleaning Your Windshield With A Microfiber Is A Great And Quick Option

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Having a clean and shiny windshield will aesthetically enhance the appearance of your car, but ensuring good looks is not the only role of clean car windows. Ensuring that your windshield is spot-free and scratch-free is essential for safe driving as well. The best way to ensure that cleanliness is to carry a set of microfiber cloth in your car at all time – here is how these small pieces of textile can help you get that shine whenever you want:

-Superior efficiency – microfiber cloth removes dirt more efficiently than any other type of cleaning cloth, even when used with plain water, without any detergent;

-Lint-free and non-abrasive – microfiber cloth does not leave behind any lint and you can also be sure that the material will not scratch the surface of the glass, not even if you decide to scrub more vigorously;

-Superior absorbent qualities – microfiber can absorb about seven times its weight in water, therefore it is a best tool to wipe off large quantities of water with a few easy moves;

-Quick drying and reusability – microfiber dries faster than any other textile and it is also very long-lasting, suitable for being used hundreds of times.  It’s what most of the technicians for windshield replacement near me in Watkins use.

What To Ask During Your Auto Glass Inspection

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Auto glass damage claims have multiplied in recent years – today, over one third of all auto insurance claims are related to windshields. The growing number of auto glass claims has motivated auto insurance companies to develop inspection procedures to authorize the repair or the replacement of allegedly damaged windshields. The process usually involves an inspection performed by the insurer’s adjuster – a good opportunity to find out what the claim procedure involves. If your windshield has been recently damaged and you want to submit a glass claim, here are the questions to ask during the inspection:

-Who can perform the repair or the replacement – insurance companies work with their own network of repair shops, so to obtain the compensation that you claim, you need to take your car to one of the shops approved by your insurer. The glass inspection is an excellent opportunity to ask about the companies that you can turn to;

-The repair or replacement process – find out about the steps that should follow the inspection;

-Getting the compensation – find out about how you will receive the compensation money and whether you will have anything to pay for out of your own pocket. It is important to find out about the time you need to wait to get compensated as well.  Be sure to set-up your appointment at

Top 5 States for Commercial Auto Glass Claims

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Glass damage is among the top subjects of insurance claims in the US, currently accounting for around one third of all claims. Many things can cause damage to windshields – small stones and other debris jumping from the road can cause cracks and chips in the glass, extreme weather, especially hail, can cause impact that not even the strongest laminated glass can withstand and accidents that shatter windshields happen all the time as well. Here are the top five states for commercial auto glass claims:


  • New York – a state known for always being on the move as well as for heavy traffic, New York is also a state with a high number of glass claims. One of the reasons is the high number of commercial vehicles registered in the state, the other may be the fast-paced life that dominates the state;


  • Texas – the varied geography and the wide roads might make driving a special experience in the state, but the higher the speed, the stronger the impact of even the tiniest rock flying from the road;


  • California – another state known for heavy traffic and frequent accidents;


  • Florida – capricious climate is known to increase the risk of auto glass damage and Florida surely has quickly changing weather that is also prone to extreme events that are highly dangerous for cars, such as hurricanes;


  • Arizona – the Grand Canyon State’s arid climate and wide roads also seem to be a combination that increases the risk of auto glass damage.


If you are in need of a new windshield, contact Front Range Windshield Pros to come out and either repair or replace your windshield.