Why Doesn’t Windshield Glass Shatter?

broken tempered glass mobile windshield replacement

After the appearance of vehicles, their windows and windshields were made of plane glass. So in case of car crashes, these windows would shatter into pieces, which were often as sharp as razorblades, and therefore very dangerous. Consequently, this shattered glass would injure people as seriously as collisions would. Because of these facts, carmakers had to start looking for solutions.

Thus, in the late 1920s, carmakers came up with a solution from previous decades. The idea was inspired by the French painter and chemist by the name of Édouard Bénédictus, who inserted a strong layer of plastic between two pieces of glass. The artist claimed that he made the discovery after a small accident in the lab.

Apart from the fact that they are made of three layers, namely two layers of glass and a layer of ply/vinyl in the middle, windshields are also treated at special temperatures, i.e. they are heated and then cooled to increase their resistance. Thanks to the inner plastic layer, windshields do not shatter in case they get hit by objects or rocks from the road. They are also now adding an acoustic layer and this makes your windshield more soundproof.  Despite the fact that some glass can escape in case of strong impacts, most of it typically stays put.  You can now have mobile windshield companies come to your place of business or home for repairs as well as windshield replacement, see https://frwindshields.com/byers-windshield-replacement-auto-glass-replacement/.

Why Colorado Is So Hard On Your Windshield

Colorado Windshield Replacement Guidelines

Cracked windshields are an undesirable, often stressful situation. In Colorado, the main problems that often cause the cracking of windshields are road sand and heavy trucks, which tend to kick up debris and small rocks.

Broken windshields are quite common in Colorado. Many drivers have this problem on Colorado roads, especially after hail storms. Most people postpone instead of acting quickly for windshield replacement Northglenn area and surrounding cities, which does not only pose the threat of getting a fine, but also that of unpleasant traffic accidents.

At the same time, the law requires that the Colorado windshields should be equipped with safety glazing materials. Also, all the cars need to have functional windshield wipers. If these requirements are not met, people can get a fine that can sum up to $100.

Basically, the driver’s vision should not be obstructed. And a broken windshield offers very poor visibility, which can be dangerous for the driver’s safety, and the safety of all his passengers.

However, classic or antique cars do not need to observe this rule, because they are usually built without windshields. In this respect, the rule that is valid for all car types is that of limiting the number of passengers, so that the driver’s view is not obstructed.


When Can I Get A Car Wash After Window Replacement?

Front Range Windshield Car Wash Tips

The general rule is to wait for about 48 hours after your window replacement before you can do a DIY car wash. The reason for this is that the replacement procedure most often includes attaching the windshield with an adhesive substance, which needs to dry in order to keep tight and strong. If you want to be 100% safe and sure that you do not harm your newly replaced car windows in any way, it is best to wait 2 weeks until you do any public car wash as the adhesive takes that amount of time to fully dry.

In case you want to do the washing on your own, you can do so in 4 to 5 days, because you no longer put the pressure of machinery and brushes on your vehicle. The idea is to avoid any type of direct pressure on your windshield. Thus, you should do the washing gently, by using a wet/damp cloth and making sure you do not aim the hose at the windshield.

Rain does not affect newly replaced windows, because it is sparse and does not carry the same force as the water from a hose would. By taking the necessary precautions, you can make sure your car remains intact during the washing process.  Front Range Windshield Pros is a professional windshield replacement company that does a superb job.

Can I Get A Ticket For A Broken Windshield?

Check For Windshield Crack Replacement Windshield Installation

Broken windshields can definitely cause you to get a ticket. However, there are a number of specific details that can determine what can cause you to get a ticket.

First and foremost, a broken windshield results in weakening the general structure of your vehicle. Even a small crack can lead to more serious damage to your car’s glass structure, which can have severe repercussions on the well-functioning of your vehicle.

At the same time, a broken windshield can impair visibility, which can further lead to dangerous car accidents. In this respect, there are certain conditions which determine when a crack is considered as a visual impairment. Thus, the crack’s diameter needs to be larger than 1.5 inches and it also has to have a cross section with another crack.

It is generally considered that the windshield needs replacement if the crack is within 6 inches from the edge of the window. In case there is a cross section with another crack, this adds to the severity of the damage, and thus windshield replacement becomes mandatory.  The shops that do windshield replacement Watkins area are wonderful and do a quality installation.

Another important thing is that many states require car insurance companies to cover the costs of windshield replacements. However, it is best for car owners to know the exact situation in their own state.

How a Windshield Actually Keeps You Safe in Your Car

auto glass safety vehicle windshield

We often see in the movies how just about anything can go through a windshield, and they don’t really seem to help much against intensified impacts. Indeed, if you throw a metal bar through a windshield at high speed, it won’t stop it. However, windshields are actually made from a special type of glass called tempered glass, which is made using pressure levels higher than 10,000 psi and can withstand quite a bit of damage.


One of the main features of tempered glass is that it’s capable of withstanding direct impact and redistributing the force of an impact through its many small pieces. Unlike regular glass, which shatters and sends sharp shards flying your way as soon as it’s hit, the tempered glass of a windshield often remains mostly intact, and if it shatters, it will shatter into pieces so tiny that they won’t cause much harm during a car crash.


Perhaps the most impressive way your windshield can protect you, however, is by deflecting objects that fly towards it. During an accident, unless a piece of debris is thrown at high enough speed directly at the windshield, impacting it at a 90-degree angle, the windshield will usually deflect it quite easily, so you’ll be kept safe until the car comes to a stop.  For chip repair and to keep your windshield in good shape call an auto glass Thornton technician out for repair.

How to Keep an Eye Out for Dangerous Road Debris

Avoid Rock To Windshield Replacment Watch For Road Debris While Driving

When you want to make sure your car isn’t damaged in transit, it’s very important to keep an eye out for any kind of road debris. Although you might not be able to spot a bunch of tacks being spread out on the road from a distance or avoid them fast enough, you can take precautions and get informed in advance.  If  you happen to catch a rock to your windshield, immediately talk with a windshield replacement Watkins specialist to see if it is repairable or in need of replacement.
The most important thing to focus on is knowing exactly what kind of terrain you can expect ahead and taking precautions to avoid the most common types of debris. When you know what to expect, the dangers are easier to spot and you can make sure to avoid them if necessary. For instance, when you’re on a mountain road and you know that some of the roads ahead might involve serpentine turns, gravel and windy areas, then you’ll have at least some idea of what you have to look for.


Increasing your visibility and using your preventive driving skills is also necessary. For example, on a bumpy road or while driving on an unknown road after a storm, it’s important to drive slowly and keep a watchful eye for anything from large branches being brought onto the road by the wind, to deep holes in the road that are temporarily masked by water.

Taking a Look at the Most Common Causes of Windshield Cracks

Hail Damage Cracked Windshield Replacement

Windshield cracks are often a big problem, and they will require you to replace your entire windshield at some point. So, if you want to avoid paying a lot of money to buy a brand new windshield, it’s good practice to prevent those cracks from ever happening, otherwise you will be searching for windshield replacement near me to get it replaced.


Hailstorms are one of the main concern, and they can cause serious cracks even if the hail isn’t too big. Also, the big problem with hailstorms is that you can’t know in advance how large some of the pieces that land on your windshield might be, so you have to take precautions one way or the other. Risking it could land you in trouble and cause you to waste a lot of money on fixing a problem that could have been avoided.


Falling rocks in a canyon or in a mountain area can also damage your windshield. This issue is easily resolved in some cases simply by taking a different route, but it can also be prevented by adding a protective layer of clear film onto your windshield to ensure that the damage is minimal or non-existent.


The same solution can be applied when you’re driving on a gravel road. Except in that case, you can also prevent rocks from hitting your windshield by driving preventively and leaving a larger distance between your car and the cars in front of you.

The Benefits of Buying Sun Shades – How Do Sun Shades Work in Your Car?

Sun shade windshield replacement care

Sun shades can provide many essential advantages when you own a car. Aside from keeping your car cool in warm weather, they can also minimize the amount of light in your vehicle and filter out harmful UV radiation. But there’s a lot more to the benefits of sun shades than meets the eye. If you ask a windshield replacement Northglenn expert, they will probably mention at least some of the following advantages:


  1. Sun shades can protect your children from harmful UV rays and excessive heat during lengthy road trips. Children – and most especially toddlers and infants – are very easily affected by temperature fluctuations and excessive light, and a well-designed sunshade can protect them from all of that.
  2. The same benefit can apply not only to adults and pets, but also to the electronic devices and food stored in your car. Sun shades can help balance the temperature in your vehicle, so everyone will feel (and eat) better.
  3. A great thing about sun shades is that they can help you avoid overusing your AC. In hot weather, you need all the help you can get to prevent your equipment from overheating, and you definitely don’t want to lose your air-conditioning system due to overuse.

How Repairing Your Auto Glass Can Help You Save Money

How Repairing Windshield Right Away Is Important

Windshields are designed with two layers of glass plus another one of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between them. This central layer holds together the shards that occur in the event of an accident. This is why windshields crack when they are hit by different objects, but do not fall apart or over the driver.

If your windshield cracked, the natural question is “Can it be repaired?”. Repairing your auto glass can help you save money, considering that a replacement is much more expensive.

Repair or replacement?

Generally, most windshield cracks can be fixed, but this always depends on the following factors: size, depth, type and position of the damage. A qualified windshield repair technician must evaluate carefully all these factors before deciding whether your windshield can or cannot be repaired. Each case must be individually studied and balanced with the technician’s experience with the repairing equipment, the customer’s expectations as well as the probability of a successful repair.

Size of the damage

To a large extent, most car workshops will be able to deal with cracks of 2-3 cm in diameter and 6-7 cm in length. Typically, any crack which is larger than this is beyond repair, so the size of the damage is a very important factor in making a decision.  Find out more on repair or replacement, https://frwindshields.com/.

Checklist for Hiring A Windshield Company

Checklist For Hiring Windshield Professional

Choosing the right windshield company to install your new windshield is very important and there are several aspects that you need to pay attention to if you want to make sure that the company you have hired is the best, indeed. Here are some items to include on your checklist:

  • A reputation for high quality windshields and great installation – windshields come in a wide range and the array of the technical features that they can incorporate is very large, too, so you need a windshield expert who can help you choose the best product and a company that has the knowledge and experience to correctly install the product that you selected;
  • Decide whether you need full replacement or if repair is enough – the previous type of service involves complete windshield installation, and is more expensive than just repair, while repair involves keeping your current windshield and just repairing the chip;
  • Warranty on the products as well as on the labor – a windshield company offers both. The warranty is obviously not extended to situations when the windshield is damaged by some sort of impact, but it should cover issues related to the installation and manufacturing faults.

Here’s a great windshield replacement company in Broomfield, servicing the surrounding cities https://frwindshields.com/broomfield-windshield-replacement/.