Is Unbreakable Auto Glass Mainstream Yet?

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While cars have been using safety glass for a long time, auto makers have been long looking for solution that takes safety one step further and also promotes energy efficiency by reducing the overall weight of their vehicles, that is how they started using unbreakable glass technology. Unbreakable auto glass (or, very hard to break auto glass, to be more precise) has been around for quite some time – many major car manufacturers today use the special security glass on their models to improve the safety of the users of their cars, as well as a lot of the mobile windshield replacement Broomfield and other area shops.

Glass is a very heavy material, which also means that conventional windshields add a considerable amount of weight to the car’s weight, so car makers started looking for a solution that is lighter and stronger at the same time. That is how they came up with a combination of conventional glass, plastic and Gorilla Glass. Initially used in commercial and industrial applications, Gorilla Glass became widely known as the material used for protecting smartphone screens. The solution soon became popular in the automotive industry as well – the super-strong, yet lightweight glass is appreciated as a solution that reduced car weight, while also increasing car safety. Today, the majority of new cars leaving the factory come equipped with the special, lightweight, laminated glass or the solution is offered as an available extra.

3 Best Wiper Blade Types for Winter

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Winters are becoming harsher each year, making driving increasingly difficult, too. While the condition of the blades on the car’s windshield wipers is important in any season, in winter, blades in proper working conditions and developed to meet the special challenges of winter weather can be life-savers. Here are the three wiper blades types that work best among harsh winter conditions:


-Beam blades – also called bracketless blades, these blades have a special, long spring made from steel incorporated in the rubber to ensure efficient wiping by distributing pressure along the entire length of the blade. These blades are usually made from special compounds for a solution that also ensures better adherence by being compatible with flat and more curved windshields as well;

-Aerodynamic blades – the aerodynamic shape of these blades designed for cold weather conditions ensures the smooth movement of the blade on the glass and efficient cleaning, even in the heaviest snowing and when the wind is blowing strong. These products feature special rubbers designed for freezing winter weather;

-Blades that feature an anti-clogging armor – besides using rubber designed for winter, these blades ensure proper operation with the help of a special shield that prevents ice from covering the joints.


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Why Cleaning Your Windshield With A Microfiber Is A Great And Quick Option

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Having a clean and shiny windshield will aesthetically enhance the appearance of your car, but ensuring good looks is not the only role of clean car windows. Ensuring that your windshield is spot-free and scratch-free is essential for safe driving as well. The best way to ensure that cleanliness is to carry a set of microfiber cloth in your car at all time – here is how these small pieces of textile can help you get that shine whenever you want:

-Superior efficiency – microfiber cloth removes dirt more efficiently than any other type of cleaning cloth, even when used with plain water, without any detergent;

-Lint-free and non-abrasive – microfiber cloth does not leave behind any lint and you can also be sure that the material will not scratch the surface of the glass, not even if you decide to scrub more vigorously;

-Superior absorbent qualities – microfiber can absorb about seven times its weight in water, therefore it is a best tool to wipe off large quantities of water with a few easy moves;

-Quick drying and reusability – microfiber dries faster than any other textile and it is also very long-lasting, suitable for being used hundreds of times.  It’s what most of the technicians for windshield replacement near me in Watkins use.

What To Ask During Your Auto Glass Inspection

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Auto glass damage claims have multiplied in recent years – today, over one third of all auto insurance claims are related to windshields. The growing number of auto glass claims has motivated auto insurance companies to develop inspection procedures to authorize the repair or the replacement of allegedly damaged windshields. The process usually involves an inspection performed by the insurer’s adjuster – a good opportunity to find out what the claim procedure involves. If your windshield has been recently damaged and you want to submit a glass claim, here are the questions to ask during the inspection:

-Who can perform the repair or the replacement – insurance companies work with their own network of repair shops, so to obtain the compensation that you claim, you need to take your car to one of the shops approved by your insurer. The glass inspection is an excellent opportunity to ask about the companies that you can turn to;

-The repair or replacement process – find out about the steps that should follow the inspection;

-Getting the compensation – find out about how you will receive the compensation money and whether you will have anything to pay for out of your own pocket. It is important to find out about the time you need to wait to get compensated as well.  Be sure to set-up your appointment at

3 Reasons Why Getting That Chip in Your Windshield Repaired Now Saves You Money Later

Top 3 reasons window replacement repair necesssaryThe windshield is among the most important components in any car, a component that is essential for safe driving, therefore any damage sustained by the part, even the smallest one, needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. Here are three reasons why getting that tiny chip fixed right away is a great way to save on repair costs later:


  • Windshield replacement is much more expensive than repair – even the tiniest chip weakens your windshield and can cause it to crack anytime. While chip repair is very affordable, having to replace your windshield can cost you hundreds of dollars (in the case of sophisticated, modern cars that use windshields equipped with multiple cameras and sensors, even thousands), so getting that chip fixed right away is a great way to prolong the life of your windshield and to avoid high costs;


  • Time is money – windshield repair can be done right away, while new windshields usually need to be ordered and they can take weeks to arrive. No car can be driven without a functional windshield, which means that having your glass repaired can save you from the hassle and the costs of having to find a transport solution for the period that your car spends waiting for a new windshield;


  • Avoiding fines – driving with a damaged windshield is illegal and you might get fined by the police if it gets noticed, so getting the damage fixed is the best way to avoid unnecessary fines.  So, it’s best to call a mobile windshield replacement Broomfield technician and have them fix it right away.

Top 5 States for Commercial Auto Glass Claims

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Glass damage is among the top subjects of insurance claims in the US, currently accounting for around one third of all claims. Many things can cause damage to windshields – small stones and other debris jumping from the road can cause cracks and chips in the glass, extreme weather, especially hail, can cause impact that not even the strongest laminated glass can withstand and accidents that shatter windshields happen all the time as well. Here are the top five states for commercial auto glass claims:


  • New York – a state known for always being on the move as well as for heavy traffic, New York is also a state with a high number of glass claims. One of the reasons is the high number of commercial vehicles registered in the state, the other may be the fast-paced life that dominates the state;


  • Texas – the varied geography and the wide roads might make driving a special experience in the state, but the higher the speed, the stronger the impact of even the tiniest rock flying from the road;


  • California – another state known for heavy traffic and frequent accidents;


  • Florida – capricious climate is known to increase the risk of auto glass damage and Florida surely has quickly changing weather that is also prone to extreme events that are highly dangerous for cars, such as hurricanes;


  • Arizona – the Grand Canyon State’s arid climate and wide roads also seem to be a combination that increases the risk of auto glass damage.


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Can Your Windshield Shatter on Its Own?

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While it is very unlikely for a damage-free, properly installed windshield to shatter, even the smallest damage can weaken the glass and among extreme conditions, even initially small chips and cracks can cause windshields to shatter unexpectedly.

Windshields feature a sandwich-like structure comprised from layers of glass and plastic, each layer reinforcing the other ones and being reinforced by the other ones. When your windshield sustains damage, even a small one, such as a crack or a chip, it is usually only the outermost layer that gets affected. However, if that small damage is neglected, it can be quickly aggravated by wide temperature variations, by pressure or by another impact. Wide temperature changes can cause the already damaged glass to expand or to shrink, generating tension to which the weakened glass responds with shattering, while the impact caused by tiny stones jumping from the road can also cause your windshield to fall apart. Windshields being made from safety glass, they don’t break into sharp pieces, like the glass in windows. The shattering usually affects only the outer layer of the windshield, causing it to fall into many small shards kept in place for a while by the other layers of the windshield, but even so, any car with a shattered windshield is undriveable.  It’s best to act and have a windshield replacement Strasburg professional come out and replace your windshield as soon as your windshield is compromised.

2 Ways Professionals Repair Windshield Pitting

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Pitting is a form of natural wear and tear sustained by windshields – the issue is usually detected by drivers while driving, when the sun shines directly on the glass and suddenly the driver is blinded by the light. The issue is provoked by the abrasion caused by sand, dust and other kind of debris that the windshield comes into contact with – these abrasive materials cause small craters on the windshield and the damage glass distorts that light, reflecting it all around, creating the glare.

There are many ways to solve the issue – here are some used by auto glass Northglenn CO professionals:

  • Windshield replacement – the best, safest, but most expensive solution is windshield replacement, especially if the pitting affects a large part of the glass or the damage is in an area right in front of the driver’s eyes;
  • Professional repair – some types of pitting can be efficiently fixed by professional repair technicians. The procedure involves the covering of the pits with an industry-grade filling compound, followed by the polishing of the entire glass surface to restore the even finish.

The decision whether to repair or to replace a pitted windshield can be made only after the windshield is inspected by a professional, so the first step towards solving the problem should be a visit to a professional windshield repair shop.

How to Know If Your Warranty Covers Your Windshield

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Windshields are strong and sensitive at the same time – they are strong because they protect your cabin from the elements and sensitive because they can be easily cracked, chipped, dented or even completely shattered by impact, especially by the sand and the rocks that jump up from the road that you drive your car on. Windshield repair and replacement being so expensive, it is very important to have insurance coverage for windshield replacement Broomfield CO – here are some important things to know about the process:

-Standard insurance policies – the conventional, bumper to bumper insurance policy offered with most modern cars provides coverage only for windshield damage caused by a manufacturing defect, not for damage caused by external circumstances, such as rocks flying;

-Windshield warranties – the best way to ensure coverage for external windshield damage is to purchase a windshield warranty for it. These documents can be purchased from many auto glass repair companies and depending on the type of the warranty, they can provide coverage for defects in material, in installation workmanship as well as in the repair process.

Many auto insurers provide special policies for windshields, each solution offering a different type of coverage, so the first person to contact about windshield coverage is your insurance agent.