The Basic Idea Behind a Windshield Warranty and Getting Replacement Windshields

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Your advanced car is much more of a “holistic” tool than what cars used to be back in the day. When windshield glass was little more than regular glass, it stood to reason that replacing it wasn’t that much of a big deal. However, these days, windshield glass is made from special materials, and its functions are manifold. Even your heating and cooling system or your car’s advanced infotainment system can suffer when your windshield is damaged.


Windshield warranties, as a result, are much more complicated than they used to be. Typically, when the glass breaks under warranty, you can expect some form of assistance with having it replaced. However, it will depend heavily on the circumstances as well, and you might find that the entire process will be lengthy and quite expensive.


If you don’t have your windshield warranty in effect, then it can be even more expensive. As a result, most knowledgeable windshield replacement Broomfield CO experts consider that it’s necessary to install a brand new windshield as soon as the warranty expires. Although you’re not forced to do that, it’s usually a better idea, since the new warranty will be able to protect you in the event that the windshield is damaged in the near future.

Taking Proper Care of Your Vehicle: Can Hail Really Damage My Car Windows?

Windshield Repair Hailstorm Vehicle Damage

Hail is one of the most problematic type of precipitation, and it’s not uncommon that it would affect cars as they pass through an area where a powerful hail storm is raging. If large enough, pieces of hail falling on your windshield and impacting your windows can definitely do some damage, and in many cases they have also been found to chip away at the windows, if the angle of descent is sharp enough.


The thing to do when you’re driving through an area where a hailstorm just set in is to stop your car and cover your windows and windshield. Alternatively, you can stop under a large tree or in an underground parking lot to keep your car safe until the hail storm goes away.


The risk involved with driving in even a seemingly peaceful hail storm is quite great. The main issue is that you don’t exactly know whether the hail will grow in size or whether it’ll stay small. It could happen that for 10-15 minutes, the pieces of hail falling on your car will remain small and harmless, and then the storm might intensify until larger pieces fall and damage your car.


In some cases, you’ll find that hail can even damage the metallic parts of the car, causing dents and extensive damage that won’t go away with a simple paint job. So make sure to keep your vehicle safe whenever you see a hail storm approaching, and if damage does occur, contact your local windshield replacement Bennett community offers right away.

How a Windshield Actually Keeps You Safe in Your Car

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We often see in the movies how just about anything can go through a windshield, and they don’t really seem to help much against intensified impacts. Indeed, if you throw a metal bar through a windshield at high speed, it won’t stop it. However, windshields are actually made from a special type of glass called tempered glass, which is made using pressure levels higher than 10,000 psi and can withstand quite a bit of damage.


One of the main features of tempered glass is that it’s capable of withstanding direct impact and redistributing the force of an impact through its many small pieces. Unlike regular glass, which shatters and sends sharp shards flying your way as soon as it’s hit, the tempered glass of a windshield often remains mostly intact, and if it shatters, it will shatter into pieces so tiny that they won’t cause much harm during a car crash.


Perhaps the most impressive way your windshield can protect you, however, is by deflecting objects that fly towards it. During an accident, unless a piece of debris is thrown at high enough speed directly at the windshield, impacting it at a 90-degree angle, the windshield will usually deflect it quite easily, so you’ll be kept safe until the car comes to a stop.  For chip repair and to keep your windshield in good shape call an auto glass Thornton technician out for repair.

Fixing Your Car’s Windshield – Does Rock Chip Repair Really Work?

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Rock chip repair is common these days, and many people swear that it works very well as an alternative to windshield replacement. What rock chip repair services do is to apply simple fixes to rock chips that affect cars’ windshields.  You can search for windshield replacement near me in Byers to find someone close and convenient.  As a result, you no longer need to pay a lot of money to get your windshield back to its former glory. All you have to do is contact a dependable windshield repair expert, and they will take care of everything for you.


The method used to repair rock chips is a simple one and yet it’s also highly effective. First the affected area is examined and cleaned, so that no debris will remain and the windshield can be handled with ease. Then a technician will use a special type of resin to seal the chip. While in liquid form, that resin will blend in with the glass and harden when exposed to UV light.


As the blend happens, the chip becomes almost invisible, and the technician will cut off the excess resin and smooth any sharper edges to make sure that the fix will not impair the driver’s visibility. The result is a completely repaired windshield that looks and feels almost brand new. Depending on the size of the chip, the technique can be made almost flawless. If the chip is too large, however, then you will need to have your windshield replaced.

What Is Laminated Glass and Why Is Its Use So Important?

Laminated Glass Windshield Replacement Repair Company

There is a lot to consider about the use of laminated glass – an enhanced type of glass typically found in vehicle window design – when it comes to the widespread potential of its applications in various industries and areas of the commercial sector.


Laminated glass can be used in a variety of applications where the use of normal glass would be considered risky, if not downright dangerous. Because of the stress that it’s put through during its extremely demanding manufacturing process, tempered glass has a greater resistance to impact, UV radiation and heat, and it is also generally considered to be much safer than regular glass.


Suppose you had an explosion in part of your building or factory. Even if the explosion isn’t necessarily strong enough to cause a lot of damage, any windows or glass elements that would normally protect workers or bystanders could turn into potentially lethal sources of glass shards. This doesn’t happen with laminated glass, which simply shatters into very tiny pieces upon impact, often even saving the lives of the people who hide behind it.


Because of its superior constitution and resilience, laminated glass can be used in vehicles, athletic facilities, exhibition areas, as well as the manufacturing of balcony and shower doors, and in frameless glass door assemblies in the manufacturing of large commercial buildings.

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The Choice of Mobile Windshield Replacement Can Actually Save Your Life!

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Have you ever thought about the real impact of what it could mean to delay replacing your windshield? A lot of drivers tend to postpone this essential action in the hopes of saving money for a little longer, without thinking too much about the consequences.


Aside from the fact that, in many areas, you can be pulled over in traffic and admonished because you haven’t replaced a cracked windshield, there are also the safety risks involved. Being fined for something like this might not carry that much weight, but the problem is that, in the event of an actual car crash or of something falling on top of your windshield, the windshield’s ability to protect you will be impaired by that small crack. You or one of your passengers could be severely injured, or even suffer a fatal injury that could have been avoided through the use of a brand new windshield.


Also, it’s worth mentioning that a faulty or damaged windshield can cause visual impairments that, even though might seem insignificant at first glance, in a situation where you have to make a call in just a few fractions of a second, it can actually become life-altering. So make sure you get windshield replacement Strasburg area offers as soon as possible, if you don’t want to deal with unexpected hazards that should normally not even be a problem.

How to Keep an Eye Out for Dangerous Road Debris

Avoid Rock To Windshield Replacment Watch For Road Debris While Driving

When you want to make sure your car isn’t damaged in transit, it’s very important to keep an eye out for any kind of road debris. Although you might not be able to spot a bunch of tacks being spread out on the road from a distance or avoid them fast enough, you can take precautions and get informed in advance.  If  you happen to catch a rock to your windshield, immediately talk with a windshield replacement Watkins specialist to see if it is repairable or in need of replacement.
The most important thing to focus on is knowing exactly what kind of terrain you can expect ahead and taking precautions to avoid the most common types of debris. When you know what to expect, the dangers are easier to spot and you can make sure to avoid them if necessary. For instance, when you’re on a mountain road and you know that some of the roads ahead might involve serpentine turns, gravel and windy areas, then you’ll have at least some idea of what you have to look for.


Increasing your visibility and using your preventive driving skills is also necessary. For example, on a bumpy road or while driving on an unknown road after a storm, it’s important to drive slowly and keep a watchful eye for anything from large branches being brought onto the road by the wind, to deep holes in the road that are temporarily masked by water.

Why Is It so Crucial to Fix Your Chipped Windshield

Windshield Repair Replacement Solutions

Aside from the fact that it’s illegal to drive with a cracked or chipped windshield, and the police might pick you up if the crack is in a place that can severely impede your visibility, fixing a chipped windshield is also a matter of safety that cannot be overlooked.


The problem with chipped windshields is that the chip will only get worse as time goes by and as your windshield continues to be impacted in various ways. A severe storm, gravel flying into your windshield or even just a bumpy ride can cause the chip to turn into a crack and worse.


Although modern day windshields are designed to minimize the risk of injury when the windshield is actually smashed by an impact, a chip or a crack can still lead to further safety concerns. Your visibility could be impeded or you could be distracted by the windshield chip at a key moment, leading to a driving error.


These are just some of the reasons why it’s important to fix or replaced your chipped, cracked or broken windshield, before the problem lands you into trouble. So make sure you contact your local windshield replacement Thornton area repair shop and have them fix your windshield as soon as possible, so you can drive safely and avoid any uncomfortable entanglements with the law.

Taking a Look at the Most Common Causes of Windshield Cracks

Hail Damage Cracked Windshield Replacement

Windshield cracks are often a big problem, and they will require you to replace your entire windshield at some point. So, if you want to avoid paying a lot of money to buy a brand new windshield, it’s good practice to prevent those cracks from ever happening, otherwise you will be searching for windshield replacement near me to get it replaced.


Hailstorms are one of the main concern, and they can cause serious cracks even if the hail isn’t too big. Also, the big problem with hailstorms is that you can’t know in advance how large some of the pieces that land on your windshield might be, so you have to take precautions one way or the other. Risking it could land you in trouble and cause you to waste a lot of money on fixing a problem that could have been avoided.


Falling rocks in a canyon or in a mountain area can also damage your windshield. This issue is easily resolved in some cases simply by taking a different route, but it can also be prevented by adding a protective layer of clear film onto your windshield to ensure that the damage is minimal or non-existent.


The same solution can be applied when you’re driving on a gravel road. Except in that case, you can also prevent rocks from hitting your windshield by driving preventively and leaving a larger distance between your car and the cars in front of you.

How to Keep Your Car’s Windshield Protected During Hail Season

Protect Car Windshield From Hail

When you’re out on the road and you don’t have a special hail cover that can effectively protect your car’s windshield, you don’t have a lot of options available. Still, even though buying a hail cover might be a good idea, it can be pretty expensive. So if you don’t have a lot of money at your disposal, you might want to think about alternative solutions.


One of the things that will help you protect your windshield during a hail storm is to put your floor mats on it. Although that seems like a simplistic solution, it can actually be quite effective. Buying a few additional floor mats for your car can be a wise investment not just for them to act as possible replacements for the ones you’re using, but also to protect your car’s windshield from hail, when a random hailstorm hits and you have nowhere to go for cover.


The best thing to do in such a scenario is to pull over and get the floor mats out of your car, then place them on the windshield. Make sure you have something that can keep them in place in case the wind is too strong. Once the storm passes, you can simply shake off the water, put them back into the car and drive off.  If you do get hail damage to your windshield, call on to have it replaced.