Why Calibration Is Important in Windshield Replacement

Why Windshield Replacement and Calibration Necessary

The windshield on your car is an essential component, the surface that makes driving not only safe, but possible at all. Windshields are made from special, very strong glass, but even so, impact and shock can damage or even shatter it, requiring you to get the glass replaced to restore the car’s drivability. The complexity of the windshield replacement process depends on the complexity of the car – while simple, older cars do not integrate the windshield into the car’s computer system, more complex, modern vehicles use windshields equipped with various sensors and cameras that the car’s computer uses for providing important safety and driver assistance features. In the case of these modern cars, the windshield replacement process involves more than just removing the old, damaged glass and fitting the new glass sheet into the slot – the new glass also needs to be calibrated to allow the car’s computer to recognize the new piece.

If your car uses a complex windshield equipped with sensors and cameras, you need to be prepared to pay more for the new windshield than you would pay for a simple piece of safety glass. You should also expect the calibration process to add time to the duration of the windshield replacement Broomfield CO installation as well as to pay a bit more for a component that needs a specialist familiar with calibration processes.