How to Check for Cracks in Your Windshield

How To know if windshield cracked replacement needed

Windshield cracks, whether small or large, can weaken the glass and can pose the risk of accidents and of dangerous situations, therefore correcting any issues through repair if possible or through windshield replacement is essential for safe driving. However, not all cracks are very obvious, so here are some tips how to check for and to find even the tiniest issue:

-Inspect the glass components of your car body regularly – perform a thorough inspection after each longer trip that you take as well as before longer trips;

-Look at the glass from the outside as well as from the inside – clean the car, then inspect every inch of the windshields and of the windows from the outside, checking not only for cracks, but for scratches, chips, cross marks, star marks and dents as well, then do the same from the inside. Try to pick a bright day for the inspection from the inside – light breaks differently on cracks, scratches and dents, so they are easier to find in stronger light;

-Determine the best repair action – some types of damage can be repaired, while others can only be fixed with glass replacement. Only the specialist can tell you which of the solutions is the most suitable in your case, so take your car to your mechanic for expert advice, or have come out for determination.