How To Find A Fast Windshield Replacement Option

local auto glass replacement


If your windshield gets damaged beyond repair or, even worse, it gets shattered, you surely need the best and fastest auto glass Thornton replacement solution. Here are some things that you  should know about your options and the process:

-The make and model of your car matters – windshields are more readily available for common, widespread models than for special cars, such as vintage vehicles. This also means that the make and model of your car will determine the amount of time necessary to get the new windshield;

-Ordering the windshield through your local dealer – with this option, you will get a windshield that is the same as your original, factory-installed glass, but it might take a few days to get the glass;

-Getting OEM glass – many companies manufacture windshields that comply with the car maker’s specifications. They usually deliver the glass faster than the car’s original manufacturer and their solutions are also more affordable;

-Using aftermarket glass – the manufacturers of these products have no affiliation with car manufacturers, therefore the glass they provide is cheaper than the previous two solutions and this type of products are also very easy to come by. However, aftermarket windshields can be of questionable quality and in some cases, using such a product might even void your car insurance.