Best Ways To Get Ice Off Your Windshield

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The cold weather is a real test for drivers and the fact that they must waste time cleaning the ice on their windshields in the morning, or waiting for the windows to defog is a big inconvenience. But luckily there are a few solutions that will make your life easier even if you do not have a modern de-icing system installed on your car.

First, do NOT use hot water to remove the ice, as it can cost you a new windshield from places like Front Range Windshield Pros.  Additionally, do NOT use summer windshield cleaning solution in the winter, as it will favor the apparition of ice.

Here are our recommendations when it comes to getting ice off your windshield without scratching it.

Use special de-icing liquids. There are chemical solutions that can be found in stores (parts stores, gas stations, supermarkets) at affordable prices. If you can, choose those that do not contain methyl alcohol or otherwise called methanol. Methanol is a cheaper solution (compared to alcohol) but if inhaled, it can cause headaches and nausea.

If you cannot afford to invest in such products, you can prepare your own de-icing liquid for your windshield. A liquid prepared from two-thirds sanitary alcohol and one-third of water, to which we add a small amount of dish detergent, all mixed in a spray bottle, is a very effective solution, say the experienced drivers.