Is Winter A Good Time To Replace A Windshield? 

is winter a good time windshield replacement

Winter may not be the best time to replace your windshield, but this operation might be necessary. If you have a crack on your windshield, it will get worse as it gets colder, because the glass will expand and contract due to temperature variations.

The best thing is to repair any cracks/ chips before the weather gets cold, but if the inevitable happens and your windshield is damaged in the middle of the winter, you can still replace it, although you can expect that cold weather will extend the repair time. That`s mostly because the resin used for windshield replacement will need more time to cure. Resin will not cure as quickly as it does on (in) warm weather. Besides, it has to be kept warm (around 70 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit), by preheating the windshield using the car`s heater and maintain a stable temperature – which is certainly not easy in the winter.

Another challenging operation that may take some is removing any sign of moisture that may affect the new windshield installation. As the temperatures drop, moisture freezes and negatively affects the correct installation of the windshield.

Once the installation is over, the car should be kept in a garage for a day or two, protected from winter precipitations and ice formation that could add extra stress on the glass, compromising the new windshield installation. For scheduling a windshield replacement call on