How Much Should I Budget for A New Windshield

How Much To Save Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement costs can vary dramatically, the price you will actually need to pay for your new glass being determined by many factors. Here are some of these factors:

The type of the car – the make and the model of the car that needs the new windshield is among the most important aspects that influences the price. The windshields for classic cars, collectible cars and high-end luxury vehicles can cost over $1,000, while the price of the windshields for common cars is usually in the $150- $300 range;

Labor costs – not all windshield replacement specialists work for the same rates, the prices practiced varying considerably based on the geographical area as well as on the service provider’s individual pricing strategy;

The complexity of the windshield – the installation of windshields that consist of only the glass and the frame is cheaper than the installation of complex auto glass replacement Thornton CO equipped with sensors and cameras. In the case of complex windshields, it is not enough to remove the old glass and to insert the new one – the car’s onboard computer also needs to be configured to recognize the new glass and that process requires specialized knowledge the use of which increases the final amount to be paid for the replacement.