Do Windshield Repair Kits Make A Good Gift?

Ask The Experts About Windshield replacement repair

Windshields damage is more than just a nuisance – even the smallest crack or dent can turn into a huge safety hazard in no time. The dangers posed by continuing to drive a car with a damaged windshield make quick repair action necessary. Fortunately, not all windshield damage requires the replacement of the glass – many issues can be efficiently repaired in windshield repair shops or by DIY enthusiasts. If there is such a DIYer in need of windshield repair that you want to cheer up with a gift, a glass repair kit makes an excellent present – here is why:

-A low-cost and very efficient solution – windshield repair kits are inexpensive, but the repairs that can be performed with them are invaluable;

-Easy to use – windshield repair kits include adhesives and resins in easy to use tubes and they also come with straightforward and easy to understand instructions that can be easily followed without any previous experience in working with glass;

-Suitable for multiple repairs – the tubes found in these repair kits are not for only one repair – they contain sufficient material for several repairs, which makes them very useful products to keep in a safe drawer in the garage.  You can also look to windshield replacement Northglenn area professionals as a gift to give.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Replace Your Windshield?

4 seasons best time for windshield replacement

There is no good or bad time for windshield replacement – when damage happens, you need to get the issue fixed right away. Windshield glass can get damaged any time of the year, but driving a car with a huge crack in the car glass is equally dangerous in any season, so it is very important to find the right solution. However, you should know that some periods of the year are surely more suitable for cheap windshield replacement Thornton area than others – here are some things that you should know:

  • Mild temperature conditions are the best – windshield replacement involves the use of adhesives that behave best in a specific temperature range, the best period for using them among outdoor conditions being in spring, early summer and early fall, when it is not too cold and not too warm outside. These periods of the year are ideal for handling the glass as well – glass contracts and expands when the air around is too cold or too warm and even the tiniest change in size can hinder the precision needed for the glass replacement process;
  • Windshield replacement performed in winter – windshield replacement is not impossible when temperatures are very low outside, but you will need a repair company that fixes cars in a heated garage during the cold months.

How Much Should I Budget for A New Windshield

How Much To Save Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacement costs can vary dramatically, the price you will actually need to pay for your new glass being determined by many factors. Here are some of these factors:

The type of the car – the make and the model of the car that needs the new windshield is among the most important aspects that influences the price. The windshields for classic cars, collectible cars and high-end luxury vehicles can cost over $1,000, while the price of the windshields for common cars is usually in the $150- $300 range;

Labor costs – not all windshield replacement specialists work for the same rates, the prices practiced varying considerably based on the geographical area as well as on the service provider’s individual pricing strategy;

The complexity of the windshield – the installation of windshields that consist of only the glass and the frame is cheaper than the installation of complex auto glass replacement Thornton CO equipped with sensors and cameras. In the case of complex windshields, it is not enough to remove the old glass and to insert the new one – the car’s onboard computer also needs to be configured to recognize the new glass and that process requires specialized knowledge the use of which increases the final amount to be paid for the replacement.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Drive After Getting Your Windshield Replaced?

Time For Auto Glass Repair How Long

Windshield replacement can be a lengthy process, but the replacement process itself is quite quick, the time you will need to wait to get your car back being determined by the availability of the replacement glass. Once your windshield replacement technician has the glass, here is what to expect in terms of timeframes:

Removal is the first step – the auto glass Broomfield CO process starts with the removal of the old trim and of the shattered glass. If the windshield is only cracked, not shattered, suction cups will be used to lift the glass out of its place;

Cleaning and preparation – in the next step, the windshield frame is cleaned and prepared to receive the new windshield, paying special attention to the pinch weld (the space between the windshield and the car body into which the glass is inserted);

Applying the urethane – urethane is the glue-like material applied on the pinch weld to hold the new glass in place;

The new glass is inserted with suction cups.

In most cases, the installation process itself takes about an hour, but with complex cars that use windshields equipped with sensors and cameras, the car’s onboard computer needs to be configured to recognize the new windshield, which might also take some time. The recommended waiting time after the windshield installation is complete is around one hour – after that, you can safely drive your car.

How to Set Up Your Insurance to Take Care of Your Windshield Replacement

Automotive Windshield Replacment Front Range Pros

Whether or not your car insurance policy provides coverage for windshield repair and replacement and if it does, what the amount of the deductible is, depends on many factors. Here are some things that you should know:


When non-comprehensive policies cover for glass damage – the only situation in which non-standard policies cover for windshield replacement is when the glass is damaged in an accident that occurs because of the other driver’s fault;


How comprehensive auto insurance works – comprehensive policies usually cover for a much wider range of damage types than non-comprehensive policies, including not only glass damage, but theft, fire, vandalism, damage caused by animals and the weather as well as damage caused by a falling object. With most policies of this type, the owner of the car with the damaged windshield is still required to pay a deductible;


Full glass coverage – you can also choose to have a full glass coverage added to your insurance policy. If you have that addition, you will not have to pay any deductible for the replacement of your windshield, but the option will require you to pay a higher premium and it is not available from all insurance and in all states.  Get your windshield replaced by professionals at

When Can You Get Away with Just A Repair Vs. Replacing Your Auto Glass

auto glass crack repair or replacement

Whether the most suitable way to solve a windshield problem is repair or replacement depends on both the severity and the location of the damage. Here are some things to know:

-Minor issues that can be solved through repair – minor dings and cracks can be efficiently fixed through repair, provided that the damage is not located in front of the eyes of the driver. The windshield repair process involves the application of transparent substances like liquid glass that fill in the crack or the ding and prevents the damage from spreading.

-Apparently minor issues that cannot be repaired – the windshield repair procedure stops the damage and conceals it to a certain extent, but it does not make the damage disappear, so if the damage is in an area of the windshield that is in the driver’s field of vision, the compromised area can reflect light in a way that blinds the driver, therefore repair is not the right solution;

-Severe issues that require windshield replacement – large cracks, cracks that spread in a star shape and multiple cracks that affect different parts of the windshield decrease the resistance of the windshield, therefore the only solution is complete auto glass replacement Broomfield CO shop offers. The same goes for partially or completely shattered auto glass.

How Much Time Does It Take To Replace Your Windshield

Time For Windshield Replacement pros adjustments

Windshield replacement is a pretty quick and straightforward process that does not last longer than an hour and involves the removal of the old, damaged glass, the preparation of the windshield hole to receive the new glass and the installation of the new windshield. However, the entire process from the minute that your car is dropped at the windshield installation specialist’s garage to the minute that you can turn the ignition and leave the garage in your repaired car can take quite long – here are the factors that influence the waiting time:


-The availability of the new windshield – windshields are quickly and easily available for the more common cars, but the process might take a long time in the case of classic or special cars for which the windshield can only be ordered from the manufacturer;


-The complexity of the glass – modern cars use many sensors and cameras installed on the windshield to enable special features, such as automatic windshield wipers. If the new windshield is for a car equipped with such features, the process of installing the new windshield must also involve the configuration of the car’s computer to receive the sensors, cameras and other extras that the windshield is fitted with, otherwise the car won’t even start. Depending on the complexity of the configuration, the windshield installation might take several hours longer, unless you talk with the Front Range Windshield Pros to do the job.

Top 3 Things That Break Your Windshield

Top 3 reason for windshield replacement repairs

The windshield is the most vulnerable component of any car body – whether made from special, Gorilla glass or from other types of safety glass, the windshield can be damaged by many things. Here are three of the most common causes for windshield damage:

-Road debris – rocks and other hard pieces of debris can fly from the road or from other vehicles and crack or even completely shatter your windshield. The damage caused by such flying debris cannot be entirely prevented, but being cautious and maintaining a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you while driving on a road covered in debris can help a lot;

-Prolonged exposure to harsh, direct sunlight – harsh solar radiation can cause minor, almost invisible cracks in your glass. When the temperature drops, the glass contracts, then it expands again when the air becomes warmer and that movement can enlarge the minor cracks caused by the sun, transforming them into large cracks very quickly;

-Collision – if you are involved in an accident, whether it is a collision with another car or with an animal, the force of the impact can travel through the car body and cause the windshield to crack or to shatter even if the glass is not directly impacted.

The good news is that a mobile windshield replacement Broomfield professional can come out to your location and get your windshield replaced in a relatively short time-frame.