2 Ways Professionals Repair Windshield Pitting

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Pitting is a form of natural wear and tear sustained by windshields – the issue is usually detected by drivers while driving, when the sun shines directly on the glass and suddenly the driver is blinded by the light. The issue is provoked by the abrasion caused by sand, dust and other kind of debris that the windshield comes into contact with – these abrasive materials cause small craters on the windshield and the damage glass distorts that light, reflecting it all around, creating the glare.

There are many ways to solve the issue – here are some used by auto glass Northglenn CO professionals:

  • Windshield replacement – the best, safest, but most expensive solution is windshield replacement, especially if the pitting affects a large part of the glass or the damage is in an area right in front of the driver’s eyes;
  • Professional repair – some types of pitting can be efficiently fixed by professional repair technicians. The procedure involves the covering of the pits with an industry-grade filling compound, followed by the polishing of the entire glass surface to restore the even finish.

The decision whether to repair or to replace a pitted windshield can be made only after the windshield is inspected by a professional, so the first step towards solving the problem should be a visit to a professional windshield repair shop.

How to Know If Your Warranty Covers Your Windshield

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Windshields are strong and sensitive at the same time – they are strong because they protect your cabin from the elements and sensitive because they can be easily cracked, chipped, dented or even completely shattered by impact, especially by the sand and the rocks that jump up from the road that you drive your car on. Windshield repair and replacement being so expensive, it is very important to have insurance coverage for windshield replacement Broomfield CO – here are some important things to know about the process:

-Standard insurance policies – the conventional, bumper to bumper insurance policy offered with most modern cars provides coverage only for windshield damage caused by a manufacturing defect, not for damage caused by external circumstances, such as rocks flying;

-Windshield warranties – the best way to ensure coverage for external windshield damage is to purchase a windshield warranty for it. These documents can be purchased from many auto glass repair companies and depending on the type of the warranty, they can provide coverage for defects in material, in installation workmanship as well as in the repair process.

Many auto insurers provide special policies for windshields, each solution offering a different type of coverage, so the first person to contact about windshield coverage is your insurance agent.

Latest Trends in Windshields – Advanced Systems, Smartphone Glass and Other Features

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The windshield is a major component in any vehicle and also one that is becoming stronger and more sophisticated with each technological innovation implemented. Modern windshields no longer consist of a simple sheet of glass – these days, they are made stronger, they are fitted with sensors, cameras, supplementary safety systems and other sophisticated features. Here are some of the latest trends in auto glass Thornton area technology as well as others:


-Advanced driver assistance systems – these modern systems use the car’s windshield to display information that is important for the driver, such as alerts regarding problems with the car;

-Smart glass – modern windshields also come in smart versions that respond to the intensity of light, to moisture as well as to temperature changes and they automatically adjust various settings to ensure the comfort and the safety of the car in any weather condition;

-More strength – modern windshields are also much more resistant to breaking than they used to be. The most advanced windshields use the Gorilla Glass, previously used to protect the screens of smartphones. The special glass is also lighter, it offers better visibility and is suitable for making very large windshields and large glass components for future vehicle models, making special designs possible without compromising the comfort and the safety of the vehicle.

Why Mobile Windshield Replacement Is the Best Way to Save Time and Money

The Best Way To Save Money Mobile Windshield Repair

Windshields are in the habit of breaking when you need your car the most – a small rock can jump from the road and shatter your glass any time, but it usually happens when you are in a hurry to get to an important meeting. Fortunately, windshield repair companies have long recognized the importance of providing mobile services as well – here is how they come to the rescue, saving desperate drivers time and money:


-Quick help, wherever you are – if your windshield gets shattered while you are on the road, driving to the repair shop might be impossible, so you need the repair shop to come to you. Mobile windshield repair companies can come to your rescue with fully equipped service trucks to repair or replace your windshield, making it possible for you to continue your journey as soon as possible;


-Money savings – mobile windshield repair services usually cost much less that having to tow your car to a garage, then having to get back to your destination;


-Convenience – mobile windshield repair services from places like https://frwindshields.com/broomfield-windshield-replacement/ will come to where you are to fix your glass, whether you are on the side of the road, at work, in a shopping center or elsewhere. You can call a service to work on your windshield in your company’s parking lot or anywhere else where the car can be parked safely.


Is It Safe to Drive with A Cracked Windshield?

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Windshield replacement can be quite expensive and windshield repair is not very cheap either, so many car owners choose to continue driving their vehicle even with the windshield cracked. If the crack is not right in front of the driver, the car can be driven to the nearest repair shop, but not further – even the smallest windshield issue can compromise visibility and lead to accidents. Here is what to do if your windshield cracks:


-Evaluate the severity of the issue – if your windshield shows a cobweb-like pattern, it means that the issue is quite severe and the best way to proceed is to get your car towed to a garage that provides windshield replacement services. If you see a small crack or a crater, you can still drive the car, but be very careful and take it to a repair shop as soon as you can;


Trust your windshield replacement Watkins technician’s advice – the repair technician will also perform an evaluation of the damage and will propose the right solution. Minor damage can be fixed by specialists, but cracks that affect a major part of the windshield or are located in front of the driver’s eyes require the complete replacement of the windshield.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best Windshield Replacement Company

5 questions to ask windshield replacement warranties

Wherever you live, there are probably quite a few windshield repair companies in your area. The best way to evaluate them and to pick the best one is to meet local specialists and to ask them questions – here are some topics that you should find out about:


-Qualifications and experience – proper training and experience are essential for good quality windshield repairs, so make sure that the technician who will handle your windshield possesses the right type of expertise;

-The quality of the materials used – the materials used for windshield repairs needs to be of the highest quality, so ask whether the materials used for the repair of your windshield will meet all the quality requirements set by the law;

-The procedure – ask the technician to explain to you the steps of the replacement process, from the removal of the damaged glass through the identification of the code of the replacement part to actually installing the new windshield;

-Warranties – it is important to find out about the warranty coverage offered by the windshield replacement companies in your area and pick the business that offers the best coverage for the materials and the labor – that is the best way to give you the peace of mind that you need.  Look to Front Range Windshield Pros for some of the highest quality auto glass and installation services.

Is Washing My Car Safe After I Get A New Windshield?

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One of the most common questions asked by vehicle owners who have cars currently undergoing windshield replacement or who are planning to take their car to a repair garage soon is how long they should wait to wash their car after the replacement is complete. The question is surely important – windshield replacement is an expensive repair that no car owner wants ruin in a car wash and getting your car washed is an understandable wish after the car has spent days in the garage, waiting for the replacement.  Fortunately, the windshield replacement Thornton experts agree that you only have to wait  3 days to be safe before taking your car to a car wash after your car has received the new windshield.  However your car can be driven within 30 minutes of a windshield installation due to the newest adhesives that dry within that time frame.

The restriction does not apply to manually washing the car, though. Cleaning your car in a car wash, whether you do it yourself or the car is cleaned by an car wash employee, implies the usage of pressurized water, which might harm the new windshield, but cleaning the windshield manually, with gentle movements, a mild detergent and a soft cloth is considered to be a safe way to make the most of your new windshield.

How Soon Can I Drive My Car After I Get My Windshield Replaced?

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If your windshield cracked during your last ride and you have taken your car to a repair professional to solve the problem, you are probably worried about how soon you can get your car back. Unfortunately, windshield replacement can take a while, but once the replacement windshield is installed, it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes for your car to be driveable again. Here is what to expect of the process:

  • The availability of the replacement windshield – the type of your car will determine the time needed to obtain your replacement windshield. If your car is a classic model or a rarity, it might take several weeks to get the replacement part;
  • The calibration – while the windshields on old cars are practically just sheets of special glass, modern windshields are complex parts that include various sensors, maybe even cameras connected to the car’s onboard computer. If your car uses such a complex windshield, the car’s computer will need to be calibrated to recognize the new windshield – a process that might take some time;
  • The curing – windshields are fitted with quick working adhesives that need about 30 minutes to cure properly. Find out more at https://frwindshields.com/watkins-windshield-replacement-auto-glass-replacement/.