Factors That Affect Windshield Replacement’s Longevity

windshield longevity replacement

The windshield plays an essential protective role on any car and it is also an expensive component, so if you have just had yours replaced, you surely want to know how long you can expect the replacement windshield to protect your car. Here are the factors that influence its longevity:

  • Road conditions – if you regularly drive your car on roads with lots of debris, your risks of getting your windshield broken are higher;
  • The condition of your wipers – damaged or bad quality can scratch your windshield, damaging it beyond repair;
  • Your door closing habits – we all slam the door of our car every now and then, most of the time without even noticing it. Every slamming causes the pressure inside the cabin to rise, thus weakening the windshield a little bit each time and shortening its lifespan;
  • Your car washing habits – the harsh chemicals found in many car washing products are harmful for windshields, especially the ones that have particles added for scrubbing. Very abrasive sponges and other tools with hard brittles can also scratch the surface of your windshield, requiring you to replace the glass prematurely;
  • Unrepaired damage – small chips or cracks can be easily repaired in specialized shops, but if they are neglected and they multiply, they can weaken the glass and cause it to break.  For quick and long lasting windshield replacement call on https://frwindshields.com/.