Does It Make Sense to Have A Chip in Your Windshield Repaired?

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A chip in your windshield, regardless how small, can turn into a crack very quickly, so yes, it makes perfect sense to have even the tiniest damage repaired as soon as you notice it. Here is why timely windshield repair is so important:

  • Exposure to the elements aggravates windshield damage – your windshield is one of the components of the car body that protect you from the sun, the rain, the wind, the snow as well as from the dust, stones and other debris coming from the road. The glass in your windshield is constantly exposed to the elements as well as to impact and such heavy exposure can make even the tiniest chip turn into a crack that is much more difficult or impossible to repair;


  • Obstructed view – any damage in the windshield might hinder visibility through the glass, especially if the chip or crack is right in front of the driver. Chips in the windshield also let more moisture into the cabin, causing the windshield to become foggy and potentially leading to dangerous situations;


Why It Makes Sense to Hire A Mobile Windshield Replacement Provider

windshield make sense mobile replacementYour windshield can suffer damage anytime, anywhere and in many cases, the damage sustained by the glass makes it impossible to drive the car and to take it to a garage on its own wheels. One solution for such a situation is to get a trailer and to tow the car to a windshield specialist, the other is to get a mobile windshield replacement provider to come to your car and replace the windshield. These service providers can help you with smaller repairs, too – here is why hiring one of them is such a convenient solution:


  • Getting your windshield repaired or replaced while you are at work – you can call your mobile windshield replacement and repair company and ask the technician to come and repair or replace your glass where your car is parked in your employer’s lot or in the parking lot of the store where you are shopping. If you can choose the time, pick a day that is dry and warm, but not hot;


  • Increased safety – driving with a damaged windshield is dangerous and calling a mobile windshield replacement Bennett area company is the best way to get a new windshield if you can no longer see through the old one, wherever you are, even far away from your home.

The Advantages of Using A Factory Direct Windshield Replacement

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There are two auto glass replacement Thornton CO options that you can choose if you need windshield replacement: you can go for an aftermarket windshield or you can choose a glass directly from the supplier whose windshield is installed on the make and model that you drive when the car leaves the factory. While in the case of old cars, aftermarket windshields are the only option, newer cars can enjoy lots of benefits if fitted with a factory-direct windshield. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Aspects related to insurance – if the glass on your car breaks and you file a claim with your insurer, be prepared that most insurers are willing to pay only if the replacement is performed using a new factory windshield;


  • Technical issues – while in the case of old cars that do not use sensors and other electronic features in the glass, the replacement can be easily done with an aftermarket windshield without compromising drive quality, the windshield of modern, sophisticated cars is more than just a piece of glass. The replacement of these modern windshields involves not only fitting the glass into the hole in the car body – the car’s computer needs to be calibrated and taught to accept the new windshield and any on-board computers recognize only factory or OEM windshields, making these more expensive windshields the only option.

Does the Sun Breakdown My Windshield Over Time?

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Many materials are affected by persistent exposure to solar radiation – while glass that is intact and free from blemishes is fairly resistant to such exposure, any damage sustained previously can be quickly aggravated by the heat that sunshine comes with. Here is how the sun affects your windshield:


  • Causing the glass to expand – heat makes most materials, including glass, to expand, then, as the temperature drops, the materials shrink. This constant movement can make small dents, holes or cracks to aggravate quickly, turning to large blemishes that hinder visibility;


  • Running air conditioners – most people drive with their car AC running. Air conditioning is great for reducing the temperature inside the cabin to comfortable levels, but when the glass of your windshield is exposed to cool air on one side and to excessive solar on the other, the tiny, often invisible cracks and chips on the windshield start growing.


The best way to avoid windshield damage in summer is to use a car in a temperature-conscious way and to get any damage repaired quickly. If you see any small crack or chip, schedule a visit to a nearby windshield repair company like and get the issue fixed before it turns into a serious problem.

How Do I Deal with My Insurance Company When It Comes to Getting My Windshield Replaced?

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A broken windshield is an issue that renders the car instantly undriveable and the replacement of the part can cost you up to a thousand dollars or, in the case of very complex windshields, even more. If you are currently faced with the issue, you are surely wondering whether you can use your insurance to cover for the costs. Well, whether or not your insurance company will cover for your shattered windshield depends entirely on your policy, so the first step is to check your policy.


If your policy does cover for windshield damage, the next step is to figure out whether your windshield needs to be replaced or repair is an option. As a general rule, if the windshield is dented in the driver’s line of sight or if the damage is larger than a dollar bill, windshield replacement Byers shops offer is the best option, while smaller blemishes can be corrected in a repair shop. If replacement is the only solution, you need to find out whether your policy covers only for aftermarket products (most policies do cover for these cheaper options) or only for OEM. If the policy includes only aftermarket, but you want OEM, you can decide to go for the more expensive option and cover for the price difference from your own pocket.

When Is the Best Time to Have Your Windshield Replaced?

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If your windshield is broken, the best time to replace it right away, right now. Windshield repair and replacement procedures can be safely performed in almost any period of the year provided that the ambient temperature is right – many auto glass Broomfield CO companies provide repair services in freezing winter as well, but not outdoors. However, here are some things that you should know about the ideal conditions of windshield replacement:

  • The temperature of the glass – glass contracts in low temperatures and expands in high temperature conditions. This means that in winter your windshield will be a little bit smaller that its size measured at the ideal 70-100 degrees Fahrenheit glass temperature – if the glass is installed when it is colder than that, it might not have sufficient space to expand among higher temperature conditions and it might crack or break. Glass that is warmer than ideal is larger, which means that it might shrink and fall out or become insecurely fastened when it cools down. The solution is to perform the replacement among controlled temperatures, to check and to adjust the temperature of the glass;
  • The temperature of the adhesives – the materials used for fastening the windshield work best in the same temperature range as the glass.

Everything You Need to Know About Windshield Replacement

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The windshield is among the most important components of your car’s body, the sheet of strong, special glass is what you and your passengers rely on for safety. Windshields are made from durable glass, but even so, they are among the car parts that are the most frequently replaced. Here are some important things to know before you get your windshield replaced:


  • The importance of professional replacement – modern windshields are more than just sheets of glass. Many of them feature sensors and other electronics that need to be connected to the car’s computer to make the car operational. When it comes to quality auto glass replacement Broomfield CO area it is a process that requires specialized knowledge and tools, so you should never attempt it on your own, what’s more, you need your glass to be replaced in a certified and licensed shop;


  • Quality levels – if you need windshield replacement, you can choose from aftermarket and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass. While aftermarket products also use good quality glass and they can be a great choice for old and simple cars, sophisticated cars can only use OEM glass and that is the only type of windshield glass that most insurers accept in the case of a claim.

Factors That Affect Windshield Replacement’s Longevity

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The windshield plays an essential protective role on any car and it is also an expensive component, so if you have just had yours replaced, you surely want to know how long you can expect the replacement windshield to protect your car. Here are the factors that influence its longevity:

  • Road conditions – if you regularly drive your car on roads with lots of debris, your risks of getting your windshield broken are higher;
  • The condition of your wipers – damaged or bad quality can scratch your windshield, damaging it beyond repair;
  • Your door closing habits – we all slam the door of our car every now and then, most of the time without even noticing it. Every slamming causes the pressure inside the cabin to rise, thus weakening the windshield a little bit each time and shortening its lifespan;
  • Your car washing habits – the harsh chemicals found in many car washing products are harmful for windshields, especially the ones that have particles added for scrubbing. Very abrasive sponges and other tools with hard brittles can also scratch the surface of your windshield, requiring you to replace the glass prematurely;
  • Unrepaired damage – small chips or cracks can be easily repaired in specialized shops, but if they are neglected and they multiply, they can weaken the glass and cause it to break.  For quick and long lasting windshield replacement call on