Are Products Like Rainx Bad For Your Windshield?

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Windshield rain repellents, such as Rainx, are specifically designed to allow clear visibility in rainy traffic. They can improve visibility by up to 35% and their effect may last quite a long time. These products can be applied not only on the windshield, but also on the rear window or the side windows. They can also be used for other glass surfaces, such as home windows, glass doors, glass shower cabins etc.

They are not bad for your windshield, although it might be a bit tricky to remove them, and some people also contest their efficiency, because they consider that wipers are good enough on a clean and degreased windshield.

Benefits of windshield rain repellents

• Quickly remove raindrops on the windshield and reduce water marks
• Easily remove ice, snow or even dirt
• Reduce the blinding effect when it rains, especially at night
• At speeds above 60 km/ h raindrops are removed without the use of wipers
• Water that appears from under the wheels of other vehicles does not worsen your visibility
• Remove the water film effect
• Increase safety and comfort while driving

Windshield rain repellents work very effectively, by making the glass more slippery. After the treatment, the water that adheres to the applied surface drains more easily, leaving the glass clean. The repellent effect is obtained due to the chemical modification of the adherent particles and not due to the coating effect.  If you are looking for windshield repair or replacement look to the professional mobile windshield replacement Broomfield technicians for help.