Can You Tint Your Windshield?

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There are many cars that have special tint foil applied on their windows. Their purpose is to act like sunscreens, blocking UV radiation. There are tint foils with varying degrees of light blocking. However, simply the fact that they exist does not make all of them legal, because reducing the light that comes through a car`s windows defeat their basic purpose in the first place, and that is why there are laws  in every state about the degree of tint you are allowed to use.

These legal provisions are quite relaxed when it comes to side windows, but very strict about the degree of tint allowed on the windshield. Above the top 5 inches or the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, not more than 25% tint is allowed, with less than 25% reflection.

You are also allowed to apply photo chromic window film on your windshield. What exactly does photo chromic film means and what is its role? Well, normally a windshield protected with a photo chromic film becomes smoky when the sun shines on it and transparent again in the absence of the sun. This function protects the driver’s eyes from blinding sunlight, but allows maximum visibility. It is a very good investment especially for those who drive frequently and on long distances. Some more expensive cars are equipped with this protection from the factory.¬† Find out more about your windshield through an auto glass Northglenn CO Shop.