Is There A Product To Remove Marks And Stains From Your Windshield?

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You have probably encountered situations in which, although you cleaned your car’s windshield very well, there were still marks and stains on the inside, that you do not manage to get rid of, no matter how much you insist.

Degreasing your windshield properly can be tricky, but if you have the right products at hand, you can get good results, even in the long run. Read on and learn about a couple of solutions you can use efficiently.

Window cleaning solution and newspapers

This is a traditional method that proved its efficiency. The newspaper is a material that leaves no residue on glass and also acts as a polish. As about the window cleaning solution, you should choose a product containing ammonia, as this substance is efficient for degreasing and cleaning at the same time.

A solution made from sanitary alcohol and water

To prepare another efficient solution to remove marks and stains from your windshield, you need to take a spray bottle and mix 3 parts sanitary alcohol and one part cold water. You can use it with confidence to clean the windshield, but the mixture of alcohol and water is also an excellent ally to eliminate bacteria from different surfaces inside your car.  For windshield repair or replacement, call professionals at in your area.