What Is The Best Way To Remove Bug Splatter From A Windshield?

bug splatter windshield replacement cleaning tips

We all face, especially in the spring and summer, when we drive long roads on the highway, the problem of insects that hit the windshield or other parts of the car and stay there, because the wipers and regular windshield fluid will not remove them completely. To get rid of them, you need a few special products that come to your aid, making your windshield look clean again.

First, you need a special sponge for insect removal. You can find such products in stores specializing in car parts and maintenance products. You may think that a sponge, be it special, is not a solution in itself, but you will actually be amazed at how well you can clean the insects on the windshield just by using a proper sponge.

In addition, it is also good to have a special solution that can remove the insects completely, or at least an organic degreaser. Whatever you use, make sure not only that it will clean your windshield properly but also that it will not affect other parts of the car that it may come in contact with (body paint, plastic or metal elements). After using such cleaning solutions, rinse the windshield with water.

As a general rule, do not allow insects to dry on your windshield, as they will become increasingly difficult to remove.  If you have chips or cracks be sure to have a windshield replacement Broomfield CO technician out as soon as possible to get it fixed or replaced.