What Happens If I Replace My Windshield And A Short Time Later I Get A New Chip?

what to do new windshield chip repair

No matter how much care is provided to a car, its windshield can crack, either due to a little stone projected by another car, or as a result of a stronger impact or an accident. Whether you own a practical or luxury car, it is essential to repair promptly any small defects you notice on your windshield. The longer you postpone those repairs, the greater the subsequent investment you will have to make.  Do a search for windshield replacement near me in Byers for convenience.

Due to the special adhesives used for windshield installation, customers can leave the service by car, only one hour after the replacement. Clients of specialized services benefit from warranties for the service performed, the installation of the windshield and for the product itself.

If you replace your windshield and a short time later you get a new chip, you will have to take your car back to a service and identify the cause of the problem. It might be the impact with a stone projected by another car, but it might also be a consequence of a faulty windshield installation, in which case you will be able to use your warranty rights. For repairs or replacement of the windshield during the warranty period, you need the purchase invoice, the proof of installation in a specialized service and a written justification of the problem you claim.