Does Hot Weather Affect How Well A Windshield Replacement Adheres?

Does Sunshine Affect Auto Glass Installation

What are the key elements for a quality windshield replacement? – A qualified and professional auto glass Thornton technician, adequate adhesive, the right windshield and the warranty.

Regarding the adhesive, it is very important that the repair shop uses the adhesives recommended by the manufacturers and has technicians trained for their correct use and application.

Why is this aspect so important? One of the most common and also dangerous mistakes related to a windshield replacement is the use of the wrong adhesives. Materials such as sanitary silicone should definitely not be used. Butyl, which is a common sealant, is unfortunately quite often used instead of urethane, as a measure to reduce costs. Butyl is an inferior adhesive and it will not withstand more than 4.2 kg/ cm2. Not having enough resistance, it can break in case of an accident. If a car workshop uses butyl because it is cheaper, look for another service that uses urethane, a high quality adhesive that can support up to 40kg/ cm2 and can ensure your safety.

The outside temperature plays a certain role in outdoor windshield installation, because, although most urethanes can be used under a wide variety of temperatures and climatic conditions, there are still some limits under which the adhesive will cure.