Is It Better To Repair Chips Or Replace A Windshield?

repair or replacement windshield chip

A windshield must meet many requirements. First of all, it must allow ideal visibility for the driver, to offer protection against wind, rain, insects and stones projected from the road by other vehicles. It must withstand many cleaning cycles as well as the action of the wipers. In winter, the windshield must withstand the warm air inside the car combined with the cold temperature outdoors. In addition, the approval regulations require the correct installation of the windshield and its replacement when necessary, in order to avoid problems that may cause accidents or personal injuries.

There are several types of cracks that may appear in a windshield, and some are easier to repair than others. For example, a star-shaped crack (a small, radial crack, starting from the point of impact), a target (circular damage caused by a round object) or partial target (the damage is not completely circular), a chip (a single coin-sized crack) or a pinch (the lack of a small piece of glass) – all of these can be easily repaired by windshield replacement Thornton area technician.

On the other hand, multiple cracks or very long cracks are harder or even impossible to repair, so if you  have something like this on your windshield, you should consult a technician who can tell you if the windshield can be repaired or not. Do not wait too long to do this, once you notice a chip or crack in your windshield. Most of the time cracks get bigger and, before you realize,  would have been a cheap repair will turn into an expensive replacement.