Are Products Like Rainx Bad For Your Windshield?

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Windshield rain repellents, such as Rainx, are specifically designed to allow clear visibility in rainy traffic. They can improve visibility by up to 35% and their effect may last quite a long time. These products can be applied not only on the windshield, but also on the rear window or the side windows. They can also be used for other glass surfaces, such as home windows, glass doors, glass shower cabins etc.

They are not bad for your windshield, although it might be a bit tricky to remove them, and some people also contest their efficiency, because they consider that wipers are good enough on a clean and degreased windshield.

Benefits of windshield rain repellents

• Quickly remove raindrops on the windshield and reduce water marks
• Easily remove ice, snow or even dirt
• Reduce the blinding effect when it rains, especially at night
• At speeds above 60 km/ h raindrops are removed without the use of wipers
• Water that appears from under the wheels of other vehicles does not worsen your visibility
• Remove the water film effect
• Increase safety and comfort while driving

Windshield rain repellents work very effectively, by making the glass more slippery. After the treatment, the water that adheres to the applied surface drains more easily, leaving the glass clean. The repellent effect is obtained due to the chemical modification of the adherent particles and not due to the coating effect.  If you are looking for windshield repair or replacement look to the professional mobile windshield replacement Broomfield technicians for help.


Can You Tint Your Windshield?

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There are many cars that have special tint foil applied on their windows. Their purpose is to act like sunscreens, blocking UV radiation. There are tint foils with varying degrees of light blocking. However, simply the fact that they exist does not make all of them legal, because reducing the light that comes through a car`s windows defeat their basic purpose in the first place, and that is why there are laws  in every state about the degree of tint you are allowed to use.

These legal provisions are quite relaxed when it comes to side windows, but very strict about the degree of tint allowed on the windshield. Above the top 5 inches or the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, not more than 25% tint is allowed, with less than 25% reflection.

You are also allowed to apply photo chromic window film on your windshield. What exactly does photo chromic film means and what is its role? Well, normally a windshield protected with a photo chromic film becomes smoky when the sun shines on it and transparent again in the absence of the sun. This function protects the driver’s eyes from blinding sunlight, but allows maximum visibility. It is a very good investment especially for those who drive frequently and on long distances. Some more expensive cars are equipped with this protection from the factory.  Find out more about your windshield through an auto glass Northglenn CO Shop.

Is There A Product To Remove Marks And Stains From Your Windshield?

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You have probably encountered situations in which, although you cleaned your car’s windshield very well, there were still marks and stains on the inside, that you do not manage to get rid of, no matter how much you insist.

Degreasing your windshield properly can be tricky, but if you have the right products at hand, you can get good results, even in the long run. Read on and learn about a couple of solutions you can use efficiently.

Window cleaning solution and newspapers

This is a traditional method that proved its efficiency. The newspaper is a material that leaves no residue on glass and also acts as a polish. As about the window cleaning solution, you should choose a product containing ammonia, as this substance is efficient for degreasing and cleaning at the same time.

A solution made from sanitary alcohol and water

To prepare another efficient solution to remove marks and stains from your windshield, you need to take a spray bottle and mix 3 parts sanitary alcohol and one part cold water. You can use it with confidence to clean the windshield, but the mixture of alcohol and water is also an excellent ally to eliminate bacteria from different surfaces inside your car.  For windshield repair or replacement, call professionals at in your area.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Bug Splatter From A Windshield?

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We all face, especially in the spring and summer, when we drive long roads on the highway, the problem of insects that hit the windshield or other parts of the car and stay there, because the wipers and regular windshield fluid will not remove them completely. To get rid of them, you need a few special products that come to your aid, making your windshield look clean again.

First, you need a special sponge for insect removal. You can find such products in stores specializing in car parts and maintenance products. You may think that a sponge, be it special, is not a solution in itself, but you will actually be amazed at how well you can clean the insects on the windshield just by using a proper sponge.

In addition, it is also good to have a special solution that can remove the insects completely, or at least an organic degreaser. Whatever you use, make sure not only that it will clean your windshield properly but also that it will not affect other parts of the car that it may come in contact with (body paint, plastic or metal elements). After using such cleaning solutions, rinse the windshield with water.

As a general rule, do not allow insects to dry on your windshield, as they will become increasingly difficult to remove.  If you have chips or cracks be sure to have a windshield replacement Broomfield CO technician out as soon as possible to get it fixed or replaced.


What Happens If I Replace My Windshield And A Short Time Later I Get A New Chip?

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No matter how much care is provided to a car, its windshield can crack, either due to a little stone projected by another car, or as a result of a stronger impact or an accident. Whether you own a practical or luxury car, it is essential to repair promptly any small defects you notice on your windshield. The longer you postpone those repairs, the greater the subsequent investment you will have to make.  Do a search for windshield replacement near me in Byers for convenience.

Due to the special adhesives used for windshield installation, customers can leave the service by car, only one hour after the replacement. Clients of specialized services benefit from warranties for the service performed, the installation of the windshield and for the product itself.

If you replace your windshield and a short time later you get a new chip, you will have to take your car back to a service and identify the cause of the problem. It might be the impact with a stone projected by another car, but it might also be a consequence of a faulty windshield installation, in which case you will be able to use your warranty rights. For repairs or replacement of the windshield during the warranty period, you need the purchase invoice, the proof of installation in a specialized service and a written justification of the problem you claim.

Does Hot Weather Affect How Well A Windshield Replacement Adheres?

Does Sunshine Affect Auto Glass Installation

What are the key elements for a quality windshield replacement? – A qualified and professional auto glass Thornton technician, adequate adhesive, the right windshield and the warranty.

Regarding the adhesive, it is very important that the repair shop uses the adhesives recommended by the manufacturers and has technicians trained for their correct use and application.

Why is this aspect so important? One of the most common and also dangerous mistakes related to a windshield replacement is the use of the wrong adhesives. Materials such as sanitary silicone should definitely not be used. Butyl, which is a common sealant, is unfortunately quite often used instead of urethane, as a measure to reduce costs. Butyl is an inferior adhesive and it will not withstand more than 4.2 kg/ cm2. Not having enough resistance, it can break in case of an accident. If a car workshop uses butyl because it is cheaper, look for another service that uses urethane, a high quality adhesive that can support up to 40kg/ cm2 and can ensure your safety.

The outside temperature plays a certain role in outdoor windshield installation, because, although most urethanes can be used under a wide variety of temperatures and climatic conditions, there are still some limits under which the adhesive will cure.



Is It Better To Repair Chips Or Replace A Windshield?

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A windshield must meet many requirements. First of all, it must allow ideal visibility for the driver, to offer protection against wind, rain, insects and stones projected from the road by other vehicles. It must withstand many cleaning cycles as well as the action of the wipers. In winter, the windshield must withstand the warm air inside the car combined with the cold temperature outdoors. In addition, the approval regulations require the correct installation of the windshield and its replacement when necessary, in order to avoid problems that may cause accidents or personal injuries.

There are several types of cracks that may appear in a windshield, and some are easier to repair than others. For example, a star-shaped crack (a small, radial crack, starting from the point of impact), a target (circular damage caused by a round object) or partial target (the damage is not completely circular), a chip (a single coin-sized crack) or a pinch (the lack of a small piece of glass) – all of these can be easily repaired by windshield replacement Thornton area technician.

On the other hand, multiple cracks or very long cracks are harder or even impossible to repair, so if you  have something like this on your windshield, you should consult a technician who can tell you if the windshield can be repaired or not. Do not wait too long to do this, once you notice a chip or crack in your windshield. Most of the time cracks get bigger and, before you realize,  would have been a cheap repair will turn into an expensive replacement.