Why Doesn’t Windshield Glass Shatter?

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After the appearance of vehicles, their windows and windshields were made of plane glass. So in case of car crashes, these windows would shatter into pieces, which were often as sharp as razorblades, and therefore very dangerous. Consequently, this shattered glass would injure people as seriously as collisions would. Because of these facts, carmakers had to start looking for solutions.

Thus, in the late 1920s, carmakers came up with a solution from previous decades. The idea was inspired by the French painter and chemist by the name of Édouard Bénédictus, who inserted a strong layer of plastic between two pieces of glass. The artist claimed that he made the discovery after a small accident in the lab.

Apart from the fact that they are made of three layers, namely two layers of glass and a layer of ply/vinyl in the middle, windshields are also treated at special temperatures, i.e. they are heated and then cooled to increase their resistance. Thanks to the inner plastic layer, windshields do not shatter in case they get hit by objects or rocks from the road. They are also now adding an acoustic layer and this makes your windshield more soundproof.  Despite the fact that some glass can escape in case of strong impacts, most of it typically stays put.  You can now have mobile windshield companies come to your place of business or home for repairs as well as windshield replacement, see https://frwindshields.com/byers-windshield-replacement-auto-glass-replacement/.