Why Colorado Is So Hard On Your Windshield

Colorado Windshield Replacement Guidelines

Cracked windshields are an undesirable, often stressful situation. In Colorado, the main problems that often cause the cracking of windshields are road sand and heavy trucks, which tend to kick up debris and small rocks.

Broken windshields are quite common in Colorado. Many drivers have this problem on Colorado roads, especially after hail storms. Most people postpone instead of acting quickly for windshield replacement Northglenn area and surrounding cities, which does not only pose the threat of getting a fine, but also that of unpleasant traffic accidents.

At the same time, the law requires that the Colorado windshields should be equipped with safety glazing materials. Also, all the cars need to have functional windshield wipers. If these requirements are not met, people can get a fine that can sum up to $100.

Basically, the driver’s vision should not be obstructed. And a broken windshield offers very poor visibility, which can be dangerous for the driver’s safety, and the safety of all his passengers.

However, classic or antique cars do not need to observe this rule, because they are usually built without windshields. In this respect, the rule that is valid for all car types is that of limiting the number of passengers, so that the driver’s view is not obstructed.