Is Mobile Windshield Replacement As Good As Going To A Shop?

Question Windshield Replacment Where Mobile or Shop

With the new technology of Windshield replacement, we feel that both Mobile service and In-Shop Service both have its pros and cons. Weather plays a huge part when getting your windshield replaced.

When taking your vehicle into a location you have an option to get your windshield replaced come rain or shine. some of the downfalls of this is that you don’t always get an appointment to work with your schedule, and depending on what types of materials (glue) your installer uses you may be sitting around for a while.

When doing a mobile installation you have the freedom of flexibility with the installer coming to you. Location and space is important for when installing a window so you want to make sure that if you are at work you park in a less populated area. Also, you want to make sure that is it not below 10 degrees or raining. Whatever works for your situation, call on the windshield replacement Strasburg professionals for best results.