Why Does It Cost More To Replace A Car Window Than A Windshield?

Why Windshield Replacement Not As Cheap As Car Window

Car windows are a mandatory requirement for all vehicle owners, regardless of their actual location. However, there is often a difference in the cost of car windows as compared to windshields. The first reason for this is that they are made from different materials.

Thus, rear windows are made from a different type of glass than windshields. Front windshields are typically made of laminated glass. The back windshield, on the other hand, is made from tempered glass, the type of glass that breaks into small pebbles. This can protect your family and other passengers from glass-related injuries and other unpleasant damages to their property.

Because the heater is located in the front part of your car, defrosting your rear and side windows can be a tricky issue. The solution that is typically used for this problem is the defrost grid that rear windows are usually equipped with. Because of that, the installation and replacement costs tend to be higher than those for front windshields, although you can still find cheap windshield replacement Thornton area and surrounding cities. The general conclusion is that rear windshields need some extra steps for their installation as compared to front windshields.

Vent windows, for instance, are more expensive than windshields because they are custom-made, not mass produced, like the windshields.