How To Fix A Leaky Windshield

auto glass repair leak detection


Windshields play an essential part for the safety of your car, offering it stability and keeping you and your family safe.

There are certain things that you may notice in the case you have a leaky windshield. It can be the smell of mildew, or you may notice traces of humidity in other parts of your car. The carpet may be damp; you may discover rust stains in certain areas, or discoloration spots.

Leaky windshields can cause serious damages to your car’s electrical system. Pin connectors can get rusty, the sensor system can fail, and windows can become foggy, affecting visibility, etc.

If you have a leak in your windshield or back door glass the only thing to do is call an installer right away.  We do not recommend that you attempt to do it yourself.  People sometimes try to seal with another agent or duck tape but this just adds further damages to the car, the best idea is to ask for help from professionals at