Can I Get A Ticket For A Broken Windshield?

Check For Windshield Crack Replacement Windshield Installation

Broken windshields can definitely cause you to get a ticket. However, there are a number of specific details that can determine what can cause you to get a ticket.

First and foremost, a broken windshield results in weakening the general structure of your vehicle. Even a small crack can lead to more serious damage to your car’s glass structure, which can have severe repercussions on the well-functioning of your vehicle.

At the same time, a broken windshield can impair visibility, which can further lead to dangerous car accidents. In this respect, there are certain conditions which determine when a crack is considered as a visual impairment. Thus, the crack’s diameter needs to be larger than 1.5 inches and it also has to have a cross section with another crack.

It is generally considered that the windshield needs replacement if the crack is within 6 inches from the edge of the window. In case there is a cross section with another crack, this adds to the severity of the damage, and thus windshield replacement becomes mandatory.  The shops that do windshield replacement Watkins area are wonderful and do a quality installation.

Another important thing is that many states require car insurance companies to cover the costs of windshield replacements. However, it is best for car owners to know the exact situation in their own state.