How a Windshield Actually Keeps You Safe in Your Car

auto glass safety vehicle windshield

We often see in the movies how just about anything can go through a windshield, and they don’t really seem to help much against intensified impacts. Indeed, if you throw a metal bar through a windshield at high speed, it won’t stop it. However, windshields are actually made from a special type of glass called tempered glass, which is made using pressure levels higher than 10,000 psi and can withstand quite a bit of damage.


One of the main features of tempered glass is that it’s capable of withstanding direct impact and redistributing the force of an impact through its many small pieces. Unlike regular glass, which shatters and sends sharp shards flying your way as soon as it’s hit, the tempered glass of a windshield often remains mostly intact, and if it shatters, it will shatter into pieces so tiny that they won’t cause much harm during a car crash.


Perhaps the most impressive way your windshield can protect you, however, is by deflecting objects that fly towards it. During an accident, unless a piece of debris is thrown at high enough speed directly at the windshield, impacting it at a 90-degree angle, the windshield will usually deflect it quite easily, so you’ll be kept safe until the car comes to a stop.  For chip repair and to keep your windshield in good shape call an auto glass Thornton technician out for repair.