Common Causes Of Windshield Cracks

Temperature Change To WindshieldThe windshield is an element of the vehicle that most people tend to take for granted, considering that it requires special attention only or special care occasions.  But when cracks occur, the situation changes. On the transparent surface of the windshield, a crack appears as a disturbing visual element, which requires immediate attention.

Returning to the title, let’s review the most common causes of cracks, others that the impact of pebbles and other debris.

Temperature changes are among the guiltiest factors for the apparition of cracks. They cause a thermal shock, an extreme temperature difference between the interior of the car and the exterior.

Changes in pressure – in this case, when we say “pressure” we mean the wind pressure.

Structural failures can also be included in this list of causes that lead to cracks in the windshield and a trip to a nearby windshield replacement Broomfield CO store.  Only a few know this, but windshields play an essential role in passenger safety.  The purpose of the windscreen is to support the car `s roof, in the event of an accident involving rolling the car. This must be taken into account especially when we replace the windshield.

Low quality products and workmanship – we could not skip these, because they are way too important. Choosing quality materials as well as a good car specialist to replace the old windshield properly is extremely important.

Keeping Your Car Windshield Safe During Hail Season

Tips For Hail Season

Hail is a weather phenomenon that lasts a little, but it can cause serious damage to your car. Every driver needs to know which course of actions is effective in such a situation, to protect their car.

Keep calm. The 1 cm diameter of the common hailstones does not leave any marks on the car`s body and they are no danger to the windshield either. However, if the hail reaches 2 centimeters in diameter, then you have to think seriously about protecting the car.

First, you have to stop the car. The consequences may be disastrous if you continue to move through the falling hail stones. Look around! You must quickly find something that will serve as a shelter for your car. For example, the roof of a gas station, a parking lot or even a bridge. If you are unable to find anything that could keep your car protected during the storm, it is time to improvise something, by using the things you have around; the car mats or a blanket can prove to be useful.

Contrary to popular belief, the windscreen is not the one that has priority to be protected in this case, but the car`s bodywork, because the windows are easier and cheaper to replace at your local auto glass Thornton shop.

Alternatively, you can buy an anti hail car cover, designed with a layer of thick rubber foam that will successfully absorb the impact of the hailstones.

Does It Work to Just Do A Windshield Chip Repair?

Windshield Chip Repair Tips

Repairing a windshield that presents a small crack or chip might be the right, most affordable solution in some cases, but not in others – here are some details that can help you decide whether the damage sustained by your windshield can be repaired or the entire part needs to be replaced:

  • Damage that affects a small area – a windshield crack or chip that has appeared only recently and does not seem to be spreading can be efficiently repaired. The repair is usually done with the help of special liquid resin added with a tool similar to a glue gun. The resin builds into the crack or chip, evening out the surface and stopping the damage from spreading;
  • Damage that is spreading quickly in a cobweb-like shape – this kind of extensive damage cannot be repaired, so the best solution will be to get the entire windshield replaced;
  • Damage in front of the driver’s eyes – windshield repair stops the damage on its tracks and restores the strength of the glass, but it does not make the damage disappear completely. While this might not be an issue if the chip or crack is in front the passenger, if the damage sustained by the windshield is in front of the driver’s eyes, replacement might be the recommended solution.

Look to the professionals for chip repair or replacement, at

Why Use A Mobile Windshield Service

Why Use A Windshield Service Company

With a mobile windshield, you can get your car’s damaged windshield repaired or even replaced quickly and easily, without having to spend time taking the car to the repair garage, waiting for the job to get done and taking the car from the garage. Here are more details and some other benefits of using a mobile windshield service:

  • Convenience – the repair service will come to you, wherever you are. You can call the windshield service to fix your car in front of your home, in the parking lot of the company you work for or you can get them to meet on the side of the road if that is where the damage happened;
  • Affordability – getting your chipped or cracked windshield repaired is much cheaper than getting the glass replaced.

Windshield repair consists of filling the damaged part with special, transparent material. The technician of the mobile windshield replacement Thornton service that you call will apply durable, transparent liquid resin into the chip or crack to restore the strength and resistance of the glass and to prevent the damage from spreading, but the process will not make the damage invisible, so if the cracked or chipped area is in an area where it is disturbing for the driver, windshield replacement might be a more suitable solution.