Are Factory Windshields Worth the Cost

Are Factory Windshields Worth The Cost

Factory windshields, also known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) windshields are parts installed on vehicles when they leave the factory and also sold as replacement parts of a quality that meets and exceeds the requirements of auto makers. The other type of windshields is aftermarket windshields that are produced by various manufacturers, in a wide quality range that might or might not meet the vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.  If you are looking for a replacement it’s best to search for windshield replacement near me currently, as most companies will travel to your location and the replacement does not take long at all.

One of the features that make car owners weigh the pros and cons of factory windshields is the high costs – the price of an OEM windshield can be several times the price of an aftermarket part. While price might be the decisive factor in the case of simple windshields that consist only of a sheet of glass, for more complex vehicles that use windshields equipped with various sensors or cameras, getting a factory windshield for the replacement might be the better solution. Both factory windshields and aftermarket parts are made from high-quality safety glass, so both types are reliable in terms of safety, visibility and resistance, but choosing aftermarket quality in the case of a very complex windshield might lead to issues of configuration and compatibility with the vehicle’s onboard computer and in some cases, insurance compensation can be filed for only if the replacement is made using an OEM windshield.

Benefits of Using Sun Shades on Your Car

Tips On Windshield Shades from Front Range Windshields in Northglenn

Sun shades are cheap and convenient tools to enhance thermal comfort in your car even when it is very hot outside and they can also protect the sensitive components inside the car’s cabin against UV radiation.

A sun shade looks like a sheet of tin foil and it has to be placed on the interior of the windshield when the car is left outside in the sun for more than a couple of minutes. The sheet reflects the sun’s heat and UV rays, preventing the car interior from heating up and the sensitive components, such as the dashboard, the cabin’s electronic components and the leather upholstery, from getting damaged. Using a simple sunshade, you can make sure you will not have to climb into a burning hot seat, you will not experience any discomfort caused by having to take off holding a hot steering wheel and touching a hot gear shift lever.

Another important benefit of sun shades is that they offer you all the above features and advantages for very little money – sun shade kits that include two pieces, one for the front and one for the back of the car are available for slightly over 10 dollars and single pieces are even cheaper.  This product is often recommended by the windshield replacement Northglenn CO companies . It would be good to look into places that offer these type of accessories, as well as external windshield protectors.